Media Partnership

First of all we understand that “Media Partner” will means for both of us to support each other free from both side

As we are looking to support others same they can support us too … I would like to give you one of our media partner project  to cover and promote all your services and brands… as the following.

1.         Acknowledgement of our group will be branded as an official Strategic Media Partner for the events. our logo will be placed on all event marketing promotion, online and offline – including brochure, mailings, adverts, flyers, banners and online listings.

2.         Our organization will be announced as an official Strategic Media Partner for the event on all the social media platforms such as: linkedin, facebook, twitter, etc,

3.         Our logo with a hyperlink back to our website, on a dedicated media partners page, alongside a 150 words organizational profile 

4.         Our logo in the Events Catalogue

5.         Our logo on onsite branding where appropriate

6.         Two media pass for the event or Conference event, with the opportunity to interview Speakers / Sponsors at the conference for online and print media.

In return, our organization will provide the following:

1.         Conference or event Banner from your side to display on our websites with hyperlink from the date of the agreement until the end of the event last day.

2.         The event will be listed on Our website events calendar with logo, dates and short profile from date of agreement until end of the event.

3.         The event will be mentioned in our E-Newsletter or Email we sent to subscribers and will be mentioned in our Events Partner section.

4.         Will post on our social media about the two-day event

5.         you supplying us with 2 daily Press Releases for the event for publishing with photos at our sites ..

6.         the opportunity to interview Speakers / Sponsors at the conference and publish the interview at out youtube channel.


  • All media coverage.
  • Interviews
  • Reviews and evaluation of restaurants resorts, hotels and airlines
  • Filming and publishing events on YouTube and broadcast.


  • Banner ads – pop-up windows – consecutive windows, all ads are text, pictures and video]
  • Media and news coverage of all events and publishing all news issued by accredited local authorities and public relations offices.


Please note that we are15 online magazines, with 50 k daily visits and 15 k unique visitors per day, also media partner for events and confidences,





you can download all the details at PDF file. or on read it direct on this page

I hope we can support each other and working together ..

for any more information or to clear any thing you can contact me direct by email or call me

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