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November 28, 2022

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Miraculous recovery of a 67 year old Emirati Woman,

 as Pyramids Health Services treats severe knee replacement complications!

  • Patient started walking within 4 weeks with a motion range of 100 degrees inspite of being obese
  • Rare combination of Edema and Hematoma led to excruciating pain & abnormal swelling

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Amena, a 67-year-old Emirati woman was miraculously recovered and started walking within 2 months of physiotherapy by Pyramids Health Services, UAE’s leading home health care service by specialized medical professionals. Suffering with osteo arthritis and obesity for a longer time, Amena Hasan Mohammed underwent a total knee replacement surgery in August this year. Post operative complications developed leading to a rare combination of both Edema and Hematoma, where in Amena was left motion less with unbearable pain and swelling in her left leg. By 3rd week of August, she approached Pyramid Health Services and met physiotherapist, Amy Compentente, post-surgery where her journey of miraculous recovery started.

“When we visited Amena at her home, we saw her in tremendous pain which was an unusual case after the knee replacement surgery. Our target was to minimise this pain and give respite to the patient, which we achieved in the first week of therapy itself. Edema and hematoma both diminished as we started with specialised post knee surgery physiotherapy protocol for obese patient. We continued putting our efforts with muscle strengthening exercises, stretches, sidestep walking, weight management exercises, progression exercises etc. By 4th week, her knee motion range was over 100 degrees. Amena who was motionless and in pain had started walking with the help of quad cane. Our combined efforts, cooperation and perseverance paid off.”, explained Amy as her face lit up with a smile.Miraculous recovery of a 67 year old Emirati Woman,

 Hematomas are painful, swollen bruises that can affect internal organs, whereas Edema causes swelling. Either or both affecting the patient post knee replacement surgery is normal and condition keeps improving in 4 to 6 weeks. But if the pain is excruciating then medical intervention at right time and right treatment is a must.

How is Amena after 8 weeks of treatment? To this Physiotherapist Amy replied, “Amena is doing paddle exercises, forward cycling and step climbing. She has responded to our treatment so well that in 5th week itself she walked without quad cane and motion range of 112 degrees is achieved which is a tremendous accomplishment in itself”.

Sharing her experience, visibly happy Amena, said, “After the surgery the pain and swelling increased abnormally, I felt throbbing pain in my left leg and felt traumatised with the entire experience. Within a week of treatment in the comfort of my home with Amy, miracle happened the pain vanished completely, and I felt that with this pace of treatment I can walk easily. I was determined to come out of this and followed Amy’s treatment and instructions completely. Within 8 weeks I am walking without any support and climbing stairs as well. Now, am assured that with Amy and Pyramid Health Services, I would not only run but fly as well.”

About Pyramids Health Services: PHS has been offering experienced home care services by specialized medical professionals in the UAE since 2012. PHS has been awarded with the highest level of accreditation in Long Term and Home Care by CARF (Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) International in 2017.

Our wide range of services extend beyond basic home nursing to specialized physiotherapy and medical care in all situations providing short-term or long-term care in the home, depending on a person’s needs. We are qualified to source and operate medical equipment approved from referring hospitals and customized for the home setting and deliver safe ad smooth transitions. Moreover, intermittent patient check-ups and regular scheduled visits to 24/7 active-duty care are available for monitoring a patient’s condition and ensuring their safety.

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