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November 29, 2022

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Al-Futtaim Group Offers Diverse Job Opportunities to Emirati Nationals at “Ru’ya Careers UAE 2022

& Launches the Al-Futtaim Digital Academy

Al-Futtaim Digital Academy aims to upskill young Emiratis and prepare them for the job market

Dubai, UAE – September 21, 2022: As part of its commitment to supporting the UAE government’s Emiratisation efforts in the private sector, Al-Futtaim Group is offering hundreds of job opportunities within the group’s various sectors to UAE nationals during its participation in Ru’ya, Careers UAE Redefined 2022. During the first day of the career fair, the Group inaugurated the “Al-Futtaim Digital Academy”, a leading self-learning platform that complements the Group’s various initiatives for promoting the Emiratisation vision.

HE Omar Abdullah Al Futtaim, Vice Chairman & CEO, Al-Futtaim Group inaugurated ‘Sinyar’ the Emiratisation platform of Al-Futtaim Group’s pavilion at @ruyacareers 2022, in the presence of Ms Mira Omar Al Futtaim, Chairperson of Al-Futtaim Emiratisation Council, HE Eng. Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri Chairman of the Emirati Human Resources Development Council in Dubai, and HE Abdulla Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Director General – Dubai Government Human Resources Department.Al-Futtaim Group Offers Diverse Job Opportunities to Emirati Nationals at “Ru’ya Careers UAE 2022

Through its various Emiratisation programmes and strategies, as part of Sinyar Emiratisation platform, the Group aims to achieve 10% Emiratisation in the next two years in eight of its major sectors in the group. The launch of the “Al-Futtaim Digital Academy” for self e-learning comes as part of the Al-Futtaim Group’s Emiratisation strategy, which focuses on building the capabilities of young national talents by providing specialised education and training programmes to upskill national talents, develop their professional capabilities, and prepare them to join the labour market.

Furthermore, Al-Futtaim Digital Academy was launched during the event aiming to develop and enhance the capabilities of UAE national talents as the Group offers various job opportunities to Emirati nationals in different sectors.

Mira Omar Al Futtaim, Chairperson of the Al-Futtaim Emiratisation Council, commented: “Al-Futtaim Group is proud to play a major role in nurturing and upskilling young local talents in the UAE’s labour market. Striving to attract and develop national talents aspiring to work in the private sector, we offer necessary and meaningful opportunities to unlock their potential, in line with our government’s directives to upskill and integrate our Emiratis into the private working sector and provide them with meaningful job opportunities.”

She added: “Through our participation in this leading event, we aim to attract talented young Emiratis into the various fields of the private sector. This comes as part of Al-Futtaim’s efforts to inspire young Emiratis, enhance their careers, and help boost the UAE’s economy.”

Commenting on the launch of “Al-Futtaim Digital Academy” during the “Ru’ya Careers UAE 2022”, Mira Omar Al Futtaim said: “The Al-Futtaim Digital Academy” is a pioneering national educational project that supports the vision of our wise leadership in providing our talent with the relevant qualifications. The Academy is based on several basic principles that focus on developing technical, administrative, and personal skills in line with the requirements of the labor market in the UAE.

The “Al-Futtaim Digital Academy” will help learners to have the knowledge and skills to join Al-Futtaim Group or any other private corporation in the UAE, enriching the local workforce and enhancing the overall economic growth. Furthermore, we are looking forward to collaborating with government entities and private organisations to create an ecosystem that will complement and support the government vision towards Emiratisation.”

Inaugurating the Al-Futtaim Digital Academy for E-Learning
The Academy’s training works according to a set of basic principles, including building a promising career in the private sector, providing training and development solutions to the labour market, promoting the concept of self-learning through electronic solutions, and knowledge sharing with academic partners to enhance training and development outcomes.

The Al-Futtaim Digital Academy allows users to seamlessly register and login to its digital platform using the digital identity (UAEPASS) and provides an easy-to-use interface and control panel in both Arabic and English that can be used through any personal electronic device. Users can also build their own learning path in line with their chosen career, in addition to obtaining skill badges and certificates after completing courses and classes to display to employers or share on social media.

Al-Futtaim Group’s Emiratisation Efforts

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim Group is one of the most diversified and progressive, privately held regional businesses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Operating in more than 20 countries across the Middle East, Asia, and Africa, Al-Futtaim businesses cover five operational divisions: Automotive, Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail and Health.

Since 2009, Al-Futtaim has offered training courses as part of its vision to develop Emirati talents, in addition to launching Intilaq in 2022, a management development programme for attracting high-achieving Emirati graduates and accelerating their integration into senior management positions. As part of its Emiratisation Strategy (SINYAR Emiratisation platform), Al-Futtaim Group founded the Al-Futtaim Emiratisation Council in 2021, aiming to attract local job seekers into the Group business, providing them with training programmes, and collaborating with government entities to promote the UAE’s Emiratisation efforts in the private sector.

About Al-Futtaim Group

Established in the 1930s as a trading business, Al-Futtaim today is one of the most diversified and progressive, privately held regional businesses headquartered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Structured into five operating divisions; automotive, financial services, real estate, retail and health; employing more than 33,000 employees across more than 20 countries in the Middle East, Asia and Africa, we partner with over 200 of the world’s most admired and innovative brands.

Al-Futtaim Group’s entrepreneurship and relentless customer focus enables the organisation to continue to grow and expand; responding to the changing needs of our customers within the societies in which we operate.

By upholding our values of respect, excellence, collaboration, integrity; Al-Futtaim Group continues to enrich the lives and aspirations of our customers each and every day. For more information visit: www.alfuttaim.com

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