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August 8, 2022

Dubai New Style

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Eat Clean & Get Lean with Nolu’s

 Summer Healthier Choices

July, UAE: If you thought delicious food and healthy dining were mutually exclusive, you haven’t experienced the brilliance of the Afghan and Californian dishes at Nolu’s. This is the place to be if you’re looking for a friendly, casual restaurant where you can enjoy healthy and perfectly prepared home cooking with Afghan vibes and a California twist, all thoughtfully designed to offer guests the most extraordinary experience imaginable.


Our health is always on our minds, and we keep promising ourselves that we would make healthier choices very soon. With summer upon us and the season’s activities multiplying, soon is now, and there’s no better time to choose a healthier lifestyle, particularly when it comes to your culinary options. Nolu’s has taken the guesswork out of the equation and made things easy for you so you can enjoy delicious and satisfying healthy meals without any of the guilt:Eat Clean & Get Lean with Nolu’s

Summer Offer

New you by Nolu’s Meal Plan has created a fantastic Duo summer deal for you to take advantage of in order to make your summer healthy and active! Sign up with your summer partner for Nolu’s calorie-counted New You Meals plans, prepared by our in-house nutritionist, and receive a 15% discount on one of our several meal plans.

Get Lean is a 5-to-6-day meal plan designed to help you drop those few extra pounds with the least amount of fat and carbohydrates possible while still supporting your regular exercise regimen. For only AED130 per day, it offers breakfast, lunch and supper in addition to two snacks and 2 liters of water.

Eat Clean is a 5-to-6-day clean food delivery made especially for those who are constantly busy at work and lack the time to cook their own meals. For about AED 100 per day, Nolu’s will transport your meals – breakfast, lunch, two snacks, and one liter of water – directly to your office.

Gym Enthusiast is a 5-to-6-day protein-loaded meal plan that includes breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as three snacks and 2 liters of water for only AED 150 per day. It is designed for gym enthusiasts who want a healthy protein-rich meal delivered to them every morning to keep them fit and hydrated. (This summer promotion has a 2-week minimum commitment and a 15% overall bill discount!)

About Nolu’s:

Nolu’s represents authentic Afghan cuisine with a Californian twist. Inspired by family tradition and a sense of unique dishes, Nolu’s stands out at the forefront of clean eating and organic foods. Nolu’s has taken the Californian “farm to table”​ concept and fused it with traditional Afghani dishes. This makes them healthier and they are made fresh to order. The menu consists of a mix of these traditional dishes as well as some classics American fare.

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