June 30, 2022

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“Crabs by the Sea”, New Dish at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As a preview to the new dishes coming your way this summer at 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant, the culinary team presents a very special dish: “Crabs by the Sea”.

99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant is soon to launch its new Omakase business lunch menu and seasonal Natsu menu. With the temperatures rising, so has the creativity of Group Executive Chef Ruben Guerrero, who is prepping for the opening of the “99 Lounge” in September and experimenting with bold ingredients and innovative flavours.He gives us “Crabs by the Sea”, a dish that required 7 months of sourcing, just to hit on the perfect Sawagani soft-shell freshwater crabs from Japan. Their flavor is fresh and crisp, like a concentrated variation of soft-shelled crab, and they are often consumed like popcorn shrimp as an otsumami, a bar snack, fried and garnished with lemon and salt. The whole crab is edible in one bite, with the exterior crunch of the shell juxtaposed against the buttery, unctuous interior.“Crabs by the Sea”, New Dish at 99 Sushi Bar and Restaurant

Whilst creating this out-of-the-ordinary dish, Chef Ruben Guerrero went down memory lane, to the bright summers of his childhood, when his family would go to the beach and chase crabs hidden beneath small rocks. The entire dish let guests into the Chef’s imagination, with the tiny cooked Sawagani scuttling onto a beach of salted cocoa crumble, amongst a décor of sea snails and seaweed for extra iodine. With the pressed water from the restaurant’s excess king crab, an airy crab-water seafoam tops the sunny scenery, splashing into the plate like a wave breaking on the sand.
Here is a unique, sophisticated dish, for the most adventurous and discerning palates. Coming soon to 99 Sushi Bar & Restaurant.

99 Sushi Restaurant & Bar has two beautiful locations in the UAE