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December 8, 2022

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United Wrestling Nation – UWN launches in the Middle East and North Africa and opened a new office in Dubai

Dubai, March 2022: A new and progressive sports entertainment company has launched in the Middle East and North Africa and opened their office in Dubai recently. UWN or United Wrestling Nation is a sports management company headed by some of the most experienced business, strategy, finance, and sports entertainment professional. They aim to bring a multitude of unique sporting events to the country – starting with Professional Wrestling, as well as providing strategy and finance services in the industry.

UWN aims to redefine the world of Wrestling Entertainment by introducing region specific storylines that will appeal to and reflect on the Middle East and North Africa region’s culture and lifestyles. In line with the highest levels of international wrestling entertainment – UWN will deliver the highest quality productions to enhance audience experience, even offering the chance for spectators to interact with and be a part of the action whether watching live events or from home.

شركة UWN الإمارات تنطلق في الشرق الأوسط وشمال أفريقيا وتفتتح مكتباً لها في دبي

Speaking on the launch, Jihad Sharifa, CEO and Founder of United Wrestling Nation said, “We believe the UAE has a great audience for sports events and we are extremely excited to bring this level of sporting entertainment to the country.”

The UWN management team consists of highly successful individuals who have decades of business experience in their respective fields. Drawing on their experience in the sports entertainment industry, they aim to achieve success and meet the needs and expectations of the fan base within the MENA region.

About United Wrestling Nation UAE

UWN UAE is a new, progressive, forward thinking sports entertainment company whose management consists of highly experienced individuals from business, strategy, financing, and sports entertainment. The initial focus of the company is on Professional Wrestling, but UWN will continue to explore and work to bring to the UAE / MENA regions varying types of sports for the entertainment of its many millions of people. The management team at UWN UAE have all been very successful in their individual fields and in this exciting new project they pit together decades of experience to ensure the best business practices enabling them to make the best decisions on being the No. 1 provider of sports entertainment in the region.

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