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February 4, 2023

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Exhibitors of Tasleeh Holding Group Takes Part in the ‎Conclusion of World Police Summit 2022‎

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18 March 2022: The 4-day World Police Summit 2022 at Expo 2020 Dubai is arriving to its conclusion today, and Tasleeh Holding Group with their partners in attendance express their appreciation with the successful commencement of the event bringing together our respected police officials, law enforcements, government authorities, and organizations operating in the field of safety and defense.

With an exclusive platform to reach global safety and security personnel and offer them quality products, trainings, simulations, and strategies, FAAC Inc., UMAREX, and SIMGUN are pleased with the opportunity to meet UAE’s high-ranking officials from Abu Dhabi Police, Ministry of Interior Abu Dhabi, and the Major General Commander of Ras Al-Khaima Police to name a few.

Mr. Jacob Wendell Cook, Director of MILO Live under FAAC Inc., said “Our partnership with Tasleeh Holding Group has been exceptional. We are pleased with the exposure we have in this exceptional event and the opportunity to meet respected individuals and be able to introduce our latest innovations and integration in safety and security.”

Exhibitors of Tasleeh Holding Group Takes Part in the ‎Conclusion of World Police Summit 2022‎

Mr. Jason William Lamons, Director of MILO Range Theater 180 under FAAC Inc. said, “The entire event has been successful to us as we have reached UAE local officials from the Ministry of Interior and the Major General Commander of Ras Al Khaimah. We have successfully discussed our trainings and simulations and exhibit MILO Range Theater 180, our cutting-edge tactical training system.”

With an outstanding participation outcome, multiple international and local organizers and exhibitors like FAAC Inc., UMAREX, and SIMGUN are expected to be back in the country and participate on the next security and defense exhibitions and conferences.

Mr. Salem Al Matroushi, Founder and CEO of Tasleeh Holding Group said, “We are proud to deliver a fruitful end-result to our partners and make their attendance satisfying with the opportunities to meet esteemed individuals, departments, and organizations. We look forward to bringing them back in the country to participate in our local security defense exhibitions and conferences in the future such as ADIHEX and IDEX to name a few.”

For more information, email  info@tasleeh.ae or visit www.tasleeh.ae

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