January 19, 2022

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Future of humankind, the planet explored at artist’s retrospective at Monaco Pavilion, Expo 2020

DUBAI, 13 January 2022 – Questions about the future of humankind and the planet are some of the main themes explored in Canadian artist, Jane Gemayel’s artwork retrospective at the Monaco Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai.

Based in Monaco herself, Gemayel’s collection comprises large canvasses in ink, crayon and acrylic. She draws inspiration from the poetry of Khalil Gibran and uses fluid lines and vibrant strokes in her work.

Laura Woodroffe, Media Liaison Officer, Monaco Pavilion said: “[The] Grimaldi Forum of Monaco chose to send Jane Gemayel’s art pieces to Expo. The aim of bringing [her] art here is to show [the] many facets of the principality and that Monaco doesn’t have only the Grand Prix and casinos but a thriving art scene as well.