January 19, 2022

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North Macedonia Dep Foreign Minister calls for more female participation in decision-making processes

DUBAI, 13 January 2022 – Every table where decisions are being taken must have female representation, affirmed North Macedonia’s Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs at a dedicated event on battling gender stereotypes at Expo 2020’s Women’s Pavilion on Thursday (13 January).

Her Excellency Fatmire Isaki told the in-person and virtual audience: “In decision-making processes, there should be more females. There should not be a table where people discuss and there is no female. At every table, there needs to be a female taking part in making a decision, because we have our point of view. Maybe we can help by looking from another [perspective].”

Moderating the discussion, held as part of the ‘Visions and Journeys’ series, featuring inspirational and educational talks and conversations to tackle gender stereotypes, was Mariam Ketait, Founder of the non-profit Chikara organisation – a women’s collective bringing together eight small businesses to empower them and aid growth through partnerships and digital marketing.


“Maybe men do not allow us to take up positions,” HE Isaki added, when asked by an audience member on why she believes there are not more women leaders worldwide. “That’s why we have to be the drivers of our lives, we have to be the CEOs or our lives – we can hire, we can fire, we can promote accordingly.

“Even though there are very successful female leaders… there needs to be more, not just a few. We have to work together, believe in ourselves, value ourselves, and fight for our right to be a leader.”

The Women’s Pavilion is also hosting a number of events throughout Travel and Connectivity Week, currently under way from 9-15 January – the sixth of 10 Theme Weeks throughout the 182 days of Expo.

This includes the two-hour event ‘Super (S)heroes: How Arab and Muslim Women Use Media to Connect and Shatter Stereotypes’ at 1600 GST on Thursday – showcasing true stories and accounts of the crucial and influential roles that women from the Arab and Islamic world have had in promoting travel and connectivity throughout history.