January 19, 2022

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French President Emmanuel Macron signs major deals with UAE at Expo 2020, boosting trade, finance and prosperity for both countries

DUBAI, 3 December 2021 – French President Emmanuel Macron visited Expo 2020 Dubai on Friday to meet His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE’s Armed Forces, signing a series of agreements that will greatly benefit both countries and touring the France Pavilion.

In a meeting held at Expo 2020’s Leadership Pavilion, attended by business leaders, ministers and dignitaries, President Macron and Sheikh Mohamed signed documents covering a range of sectors, including trade and finance. These included an accord between the local investment company Mubadala and the French Economy Ministry; an agreement between fuel companies Adnoc and Total; and the sale of French-made defence systems to the UAE.

Speaking to Expo News Service, President Macron said the deals would boost the French economy and innovation, noting that the defence deal included French-made aircraft.


Both leaders expressed their desire for the two countries to continue to work together, and President Macron congratulated Sheikh Mohamed and the UAE on the country’s 50th anniversary.

President Macron said: “We’re very happy to be here, and I want to congratulate [the UAE] for this Expo, because at a time when we see COVID-19, and so many threats and issues, organising the Expo here and making it a success – because it’s already a success – is good for your country. It’s good for everybody.

“We are very proud to be here, and I want to congratulate the French team. [The France Pavilion] is about our history and a way to convey our values – progress, freedom and knowledge. It is a way to convey our way to address and embrace the future with innovation, but with human dignity at the same time; with the French assets [of] technology, space, luxury and so on, but in an open world.”

Expo 2020 Dubai was the first stop on a tour of the Middle East for President Macron, where he will also visit Qatar and Saudi Arabia, meeting with leaders and expressing the importance of the region to France, and how the country can help to promote balance, stability and peace between nations.