December 3, 2021

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Impress your Guests with a Private Chef this Thanksgiving with Hey Chef

Impress your Guests with a Private Chef this Thanksgiving with Hey Chef

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Thanksgiving is all about cooking a feast and sharing with your loved ones! But if Thanksgiving cooking reminds of the scene from FRIENDS then Hey Chef needs to be on your speed-dial who can send chefs to your home without the hefty price tag of a hotel.

Impress your loved ones with a lavish meal prepared by your very own personal chef from and you can spend the time creating memories and sharing the beautiful moments with your friends & family.

HeyChef is region’s first online on-demand personal chef service in the UAE. For Thanksgiving, HeyChef is offering a package which starts at AED 150 per hour with a minimum booking time of 5 hours. With HeyChef you can now enjoy freshly cooked meals by a chef in the comfort of your home.

The above rate includes the Chef Service hour only. Based on the menu they will provide a detailed ingredients checklist. If you would like Hey Chef to source the ingredients it would be an additional charge including the cost of ingredients +15% service fee based on the total cost of ingredients.

In 5 hours, the Chef can prepare around 5-6 items depending on the preferred dishes and pax perfect for intimate gatherings this festive season. Coming from wide range of hospitality and foodservice backgrounds, their Chefs make home cooking easy, healthier and exciting.

Since some dishes are time consuming, therefore HeyChef may ask for the Chefs confirmation upon receiving the menu and final pax count.

HeyChef offers personal chef service across Dubai, which entails a chef coming at your house and preparing dishes based on your requirements (i.e. taste, diet needs, meal prep, BBQs, parties, gatherings etc.).

Bookings can be done via