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August 15, 2022

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Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilions congratulate UAE on its selection as COP28 host

DUBAI, 12 November 2021 – Expo 2020 Dubai and several pavilions at Expo have congratulated the UAE on being named the host of the 28th UN Global Climate Conference in 2023, known as COP28. The decision was made at a plenary meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in Glasgow on 11 November.

The 28th UN Global Climate Change Conference will open in the UAE on 6 November 2023, and is the largest global conference of heads of states and governments on climate and environmental issues.

Expo 2020 Dubai joined a number of country and other pavilions in congratulating the UAE.

  • Expo 2020 DubaiAhmed Al Khatib, Chief Development and Delivery Officer, Expo 2020 Dubai“Humanity continues to face a wealth of critical sustainability and environment-related challenges, including climate change, habitat loss and plastic pollution. With this in mind, the urgency to accelerate global change to protect our natural world has only intensified, and I am delighted that the UAE will host COP28 in 2023.“Honouring the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to position our nation as a hub for sustainable development and the green economy, we have embedded sustainability across the entirety of the Expo 2020 Dubai site, including our physical infrastructure, pavilion designs and event operations, as well as our event-time programming.“After our doors close in March 2022, the people-centric future city of District 2020 will become the physical legacy of Expo 2020 site, continuing to embody the ethos that we share with COP28, to connect minds and create a better future. With the support of our International Participants at Expo 2020, we look forward to this inclusive spirit at COP28 as stakeholders from across the world unite to help safeguard our planet now and into the future.”
  • United Kingdom Pavilion
    “From host nation to host nation, the UK sends its congratulations to the UAE. It’s great to see that the UAE will be the future host of COP28, following the success of COP26 held in the UK this month. We look forward to the continued collaboration to create solutions to this global challenge.”
  • ASEAN Expo 2020 DubaiLee Yoong Yoong, Director for Community Affairs of ASEAN Secretariat, and ASEAN Commissioner General at Expo 2020“As Commissioner-General for ASEAN, I am delighted by UNFCCC’s decision in naming UAE as host of COP28 in 2023.  It is an endorsement of UAE’s commitment in climate action. Similarly, ASEAN, as a region and organisation, is steadfast in working collectively with the rest of the world to advance and enable sustainable development for the benefit of present and future generations”. 
  • Finland PavilionSeveri Keinälä, Finland Pavilion Commissioner General“Congratulations to the UAE and the team behind the bid. The decision is a testament to the UAE’s continued dedication to the global fight against climate change, its journey towards net-zero targets and its transition towards a circular economy.”
  • Maldives PavilionYusuf Riza, Maldives Pavilion Commissioner General “On behalf of the Maldives Pavilion, I would like to congratulate the UAE for being chosen to host the 28th UN Global Climate Conference opening on the 6th of November 2023.”“This will be a continuation of the fine example of collaboration and leadership exemplified by the UAE in hosting the World Expo, this time directed towards a global effort to address climate change and environmental protection to create a sustainable future.”
  • Namibia PavilionTunga Mboti, Namibia Pavilion Commissioner General “The Republic of Namibia wishes to congratulate the United Arab Emirates government for winning the bid to host the COP28 Conference in 2023.”
  • Latvia Pavilion Inga Ulmane, Latvia Pavilion Director  “It is incredibly inspiring to see how the UAE has spotlighted climate action at the forefront of the country’s priorities! Expo 2020 Dubai holds initiatives and thematic weeks covering significant topics, bringing role models and opinion leaders together, and has provided new ideas, innovation and discussion that will accelerate the transition to renewable energy. Latvia is proud to be a part of this, and we congratulate UAE for hosting the next COP28 in 2023!”“This great global assembly will see nations come together to discuss issues pertaining to climate change and how to preserve the environment in general. With Namibia a country that values protection of the environment, our nation continues to be part of these discussions on how best to address climate challenges and on the preservation of the environment for the benefit of our future generations.”
  • New Zealand Pavilion“Congratulations to the United Arab Emirates on being selected as the host country for COP28. New Zealand looks forward to our continued cooperation in addressing the climate crisis – caring for people and place for future generations.”
  • Austria Pavilion“Austria’s Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion congratulates the UAE on winning the bid to host COP28 in Abu Dhabi in 2023. Hosting this international event signifies the UAE’s leading position on the global stage on different fronts and brings the country a step closer to achieving its pledge for zero carbon emissions by 2050.”“Expo 2020 Dubai is a great example of the UAE’s efforts to combat climate change, and this can be easily witnessed through the solutions provided on site to reduce water consumption, generate clean energy, recycling and many other things. We are joining efforts with the UAE to deliver one of the most sustainable World Expos ever.”
  • Ireland Pavilion“Warm congratulations from Ireland to the UAE on being selected to host COP 28. We are sure you will prove successful and welcoming hosts.”
  • Malaysia Pavilion “The Malaysia Pavilion congratulates the UAE for winning the bid to host COP28 in 2023 on behalf of the Asia Pacific region.”
  • Gabon Pavilion

“As shown in our pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai, Gabon is the most carbon positive country on the planet, with more than 80 per cent of the country covered in forest and a government committed to sustainable management of its natural resources. It is exciting news that the UAE has been named host for COP28 and we celebrate the commitment this shows to global climate action.”

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