December 3, 2021

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Al RUBA BEAUTY- International Makeup school is celebrating 5 years and receiving International accreditation from C.M.A.C.A

1500 graduated students around the world.
Expo-2020 Grand Opening Ceremony Makeup backstage crew.

Message from the founder

“My first business was when I was 22 years old. At that time I was very young and fresh. That business was far from the beauty industry but close to education. It was a woman security agency – Anaconda security which we established with my friend. It was my first experience as an entrepreneur  and I will always be thankful to myself that I had a brave decision to build this company  from idea to real profitable start up. When I remember  these days I feel so proud of myself) After a long misunderstanding between me and my friend I decided to exit this company and I started my journey alone. I got experience from those years about how to hire a team, how to approach people to believe in your idea when I say people i mean investors too) , how to file the law papers and how to market the brand. Speaking of marketing, in 2015 before I opened Alruba in Dubai I got my master degree in Digital Marketing Manager from Columbia University so to understand the whole process and to learn the new era in Digital I had to dive into the study and take experience from the best teachers. After the proper competitor analysis I closely focused on gathering methodology in each sector such as hair course, nail course, eyelash extension, eyebrow, makeup courses.Al RUBA BEAUTY- International Makeup school is celebrating 5 years and receiving International accreditation from C.M.A.C.A
In January 2021 we decided to keep and focus only on Makeup courses, and I believe it was a very strong decision because now I am focused on creating the best makeup school in the world. Today Im proud of Al Ruba students because our students start working straight after the course and they have started their career as a Professional MUA. Our community is growing very fast. We build a trustworthy community called the Al ruba family. Together we are working as MUA backstage crew with famous Dubai’s designers on Fashion weeks. Alruba students work with famous makeup brands such as Mac, Inglot. Photographers, film, media platforms are always collaborating with Alruba graduated students. My team and I are proudly happy to say that we create Professional artists who create beauty and deliver it in the right way. Alruba Beauty worked on the Grand Opening Ceremony at Expo-2020 as a backstage makeup and hair team. We supported 500 casts and prepared them on the stage.

Our goal is to open an Alruba school in top cities around the world
Our mission is to release Professional makeup artists all over the world so that happy smiles never leave the faces of satisfied clients.