January 26, 2022

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‎‘Iris Media’ Achieves a Distinctive ‎ Ranking among the Best Public Relations Firms in UAE

Abu Dhabi, UAE, 04 November 2021: Iris Media Press Services, a leading public relations company based in Abu Dhabi, has achieved a new milestone securing the 20th ranking among the top 71 UAE based public relations companies, according to a recent study conducted by “Best startup Asia” last October.

The website showcased the results of a study investigating the best public relations companies, which follow a variety of approaches to innovating the public relations industry. According to the website, the companies on the list are all exceptional and worthy of being followed.

‎‘Iris Media’ Achieves a Distinctive ‎ Ranking among the Best Public Relations Firms in UAE

These companies were selected based on their exceptional performance in cooperation, innovative ideas, innovative routes to market, innovative products, general growth, exceptional growth, exceptional growth strategy, successful management, and societal impact.


Commenting on the outstanding success the company has achieved, Dr. Jamal Al Majaida, Founder and Managing Director of ‘Iris Media Press Servies’, stated, “We are pleased with our company’s continuous progress in the country surpassing many other public relations companies and media companies by jumping to the 20th ranking from the 40th ranking we just achieved in August”.

“Despite the difficult circumstance the Corona pandemic has brought upon us at all levels, during the last period, Iris Media company has proven its exceptional capabilities by surpassing many other public relations and media companies, with the support of a distinguished team possessing exceptional capabilities and specialized expertise, its distinguished services exceeding clients’ expectations, its successful strategy in keeping pace with the latest outcomes of the country’s media industry by employing the latest information and communication technologies in the media. We are always keen to enhance our clients’ image, highlight their abilities and capabilities, and support the directions and vision of the wise leadership to elevate the media scene reaching the UAE Centennial 2071”.