December 3, 2021

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GITEX: WORKS No-Code Platform Helps Simplify Complex Business Operations

WORKS’ simple interface enables the construction of enterprise grade, tailor-made applications without coding – now showcasing at GITEX Global

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

As constantly evolving innovation compels Middle East organisations to rebuild their business process, WORKSNoCodePlatform – which allows for the construction of high-quality, enterprise-grade tailor-made applications without coding – is showcasing at GITEX Global.

Unlike other low code platforms, WORKS allows businesses to handle complex operations by setting up a simple interface from which they can build intelligent and agile business-aware applications.

With WORKS No-Code Platform, clients define their business needs and the functionalities to be computerised, then make the settings in WORKS by simple mouse operations and without coding. They then start using the application immediately without any compilation or deployment.

GITEX: WORKS No-Code Platform Helps Simplify Complex Business Operations

As more teams outside of IT across all business sectors begin to take on development work, people really need a platform that comes with complete documentation and training to help those building on it,” explained Yassir Houmame, WORKS, Co-founder.

“WORKSNoCodeplatform acts as a catalyst for digital transformation, offering organisations an extraordinary chance to speed up modernisation and support software development processes.”

He added, “Digital disruption is no longer speculation on possible future outcomes. The traditional software coding era has come of age and the industry shift is already here. Software creation will never be the same again.”

While it might appear to be a cost-effective method to expand on existing frameworks, the WORKS team’s message at this GITEX Global is clear: think about the basic expenses around the required upgrades.

With legacy tools, integration workarounds come with a few hurdles. If the framework is dated, odds are the organisation might not have the first IT faculty who implemented it. Implementing the WORKS No-Code Platform gives organisations the adaptability to pivot and stay iterative, expanding their competitive advantage in the market – along with a huge cost-saving.