December 4, 2021

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Salem AlShueibi Jewellery to the world through Guinness World Records

Salem AlShueibi Jewellery to the world through Guinness World Records

Sharjah 10/6/2021: Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Qasimi, Chairman of the Ports and Customs Department and Chairman of the Free Zone in Sharjah, accompanied by Salem AlShueibi, owner of the Salem AlShueibi Jewellery Establishment, visited the Salem AlShueibi Jewellery display stand at the 48th Middle East Watch and Jewellery Exhibition at Expo Sharjah.

The exhibition witnessed the celebration of Salem AlShueibi Jewellery Foundation for achieving a global achievement with an Emirati character by entering the Guinness World Records as the largest Jewellery show in the world, for 50,000 pieces of jewelry collected in one place. Attending by Arab and international media.Salem AlShueibi Jewellery to the world through Guinness World Records

On this occasion, Mr. Salem AlShueibi said: “Father Zayed, may God have mercy on him, said, “Men make factories, and we say the Emirates make men, with determination, organization and management with continuous cooperation, supervision and the solidarity of all the company’s cadres, from the owner to the youngest employee. We were able to achieve this honorable achievement. Yes, there were difficulties, but we have not and will not be impossible.

AlShueibi added: Excellence is a title for us. We participated in 47 past editions of the exhibition and this 48th edition, and we were very keen to have a special imprint since the first session, because in the end the exhibition is international, and we are a company that represents the UAE in its pieces, and we have achieved this achievement in Guinness World Records as the largest Jewellery show This year, but the truth is more than that, we have the largest area and the largest number of employees. Unique and distinguished cuts and diamonds are among the rarest stones in the world.

He added: 50-50-50 is a slogan that I launched at the Emirates Jewellery Exhibition in the month of June of this year. The numbers are explained by words and actions:


Years of achievements and diligence, with wise leadership and bright minds, to make the UAE one of the first countries in the world in most areas of life


A legacy made by Salem AlShueibi Foundation for Jewellery.


A thousand pieces of Jewellery collected in one place to enter the Guinness World Records in the name of the United Arab Emirates.

The Salem AlShueibi Jewellery platform witnessed the participation of many famous social media stars, media professionals and interested parties.