December 3, 2021

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Emirates Club Ambassador’s Team

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Arefa Saleh Al-Falahi, a member of the club’s Board of Directors, chaired the first meeting for the Emirates Club’s Ambassadors Team after its new formation, and the appointment of Sheikha Hussein Al Ali, a member of the Board of Directors of the Investment Company, as deputy head of the team.


Emirates Club Ambassador’s Team

Arefa Al Falahi, head of the team, explained during her first meeting that the launch of the team comes in line with the government’s directions to empower Emirati women and to emphasise their role in serving the local community. Her Royal Highness the daughter of Juma Al Majid who has always been an avid supporter for women in projects such as this, stressed the important role of Emirati women, has always encouraged her to be creative, distinguished and a pioneer in different aspects involving women, so that Emirati women today have become a source of inspiration for women in countries of the world.


Arefa Al-Falahi also confirmed that the team will serve the club in a number of different aspects such as offering awareness and educational programs for families and society. As well as, participating in various social events and activities, spreading awareness through social media platforms, finding solutions and diversifying women’s sports programs. In addition to building and developing effective capabilities that contribute to the scientific and practical capabilities of women and girls and creating programs that enhance their skills and provide them with diverse knowledge and life skills within the Emirate of RAK.

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The Ambassador’s Team includes; Moza Al-Khabouri, the coordinator of the relations of the Sunni stages of football in the club, Halima Ahmed Al-Raisi, Mona Suleiman Mohamed, Latifa Jawhar, Miad Mustafa Othman, Salma Ahmed Hassan Al-Bagham, Asma Al-Harmi, Shatha Muhammad Al-Mazkour Al-Taniji, Azza Muhammad Rashid Al-Habsi, Maryam Al-Kibali , Mona Youssef Al-Suwaidi, Maryam Hajji Muhammad, Lamia Zaki, Hana Karkba, Samira Suleiman, Aisha Ahmed Muhammad Hassouni, Amal Al-Hajri, Buthaina Ahmed, Shamma Salem Obaid Al-Naqbi, Shamael Al-Marzouqi, and Fatima Salem Al-Hosani.

The approval of the Emirates Club

management headed by Youssef Abdullah Al-Batran, and the club management wished them all the success in this new initiative for this new women’s team and to work in a team spirit that can achieve their desired goals.