October 21, 2021

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Inaugural Opening Show Runs From 22 September – 24 November

DUBAI, UAE; 16 September 2021 – Under the Patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, Cabinet Member, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, Firetti Contemporary is pleased to present its official Inaugural opening show, Praxis of Change, displaying works by regional artists as well as artists exhibiting for the first time in the region.

Designed to inspire artistic appreciation and a desire to respond to environmental challenges, the goal of the exhibition is to view art through ecological glasses: How the environment is represented within images and sculptures as well as how the role of humans on Earth is depicted.


“There is a crescendo of interest in both art that is itself in connection with the environment and art that is self-consciously environmental, ultimately drawing attention to anthropogenic global warming. The dialogue between art and our ecological systems surface, where the interconnection of humans and nature can be observed,” notes Mara Firetti, CEO and Managing Partner, Firetti Contemporary.

Born from the tenacity and hunger to engage with various audiences, the exhibition aims in bringing individuals together outside political affiliation and dive into a different world that allows for more empathy. In conjunction with this passion and desire from artists who grapple with the immensity of environmental degradation, Praxis of Change brings forth the amalgamation of these ideas.

Firetti adds: “The exhibition is a manifesto stating that saving the planet is a collective effort as well as it demands individual responsibility. Where you are right now and with what you have, there are choices you can make to do your part to save the planet. This is a subject which can be impacted by every single person on Earth. We need to start changing the way we live and focus on a life which aims to help the climate fight, rather than battling against it.”

Praxis of Change provides a visual and perceptive insight into the realm of sustainable actions. The impact of intrinsic values is reflected through the well-being of our environment, shedding light on the critical need for a paradigm shift in our current reality. The event falls in line with the core values of Expo 2020 – “Connecting Minds and Creating the Future” through sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

The exhibition showcases the works of 10 different artists, a number that invites a countdown to action and challenges the viewers to implement 10 initiatives towards a more sustainable way of living

The artists taking part in this exhibition include Charbel Samuel Aoun (Lebanon), Catherine Latson (USA), Laura Lappi (Finland),  Rachel Libeskind (USA), Irvin Pascal (UK), Ghizlane Sahli (Morocco), Arjan Shehaj (Albania), Collin Sekajugo (Uganda), Eltjon Valle (Albania) and Fatiha Zemmouri (Morocco).

Praxis of Change will run from 22 September to 24 November 2021 at Firetti Contemporary, located at Unit 29 Alserkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz. For more information, email info@firetticontemporary.com or visit www.firetticontemporary.com.

About Firetti Contemporary

“Creating Meaningful and Sustainable Collections”

Firetti Contemporary is a gallery where art and creative concepts align from the region and beyond, encouraging global engagement through creating meaningful and sustainable collections.

By representing both established and emerging artists from all over the world, Firetti Contemporary strives to build a multidisciplinary art space with a strong identity to an international platform. Bringing together like-minded individuals and pioneers of the artistic and expressive future, the gallery assembles a dynamic curation of works that encourage the importance of individuality as well as establishing collective alignment.

Using the vast space of the gallery, Firetti Contemporary ventures to support a network of collaborations with a unique taste in presentation, becoming an integral part of the local community. The gallery embraces the central place that art can play in sustainability and social issues, whilst doing so its mission is to become a vehicle for social change, instilling values in our society through the inspirational power of art.