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August 19, 2022

Dubai New Style

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BY the sea, Curated by Jesno Jackson, organised by Art4youGallery, HOSTED AT PICASSO GALLERY, DUBAI.

The art fraternity in the UAE awaits to experience a mindful art exhibition which, in the current world, carries immense significance. This event will undoubtedly be an eye opener for the community towards the growing danger of extreme climatic variations and how the consequence of this change dramatically affects the major source of life, our oceans and in turn, marine life.

Oceans, one of the most valuable and enormously potential natural resources that currently exists on Earth, is undergoing a calamitous phase due to various reasons, the most significant one being the over exploitation of this resource by humans. Oceans have always been a source of protection and prosperity for those who respect the soul and for those who look after its life.

Understanding the importance of this grave matter, Art4you Gallery has yet again entrusted their commitment to the society by organizing an art exhibition which portrayed the beauty of the ocean, marine life by 14 international artists. A remarkable measure taken to open the eyes and minds of people to this growing concern and to help them remember and relish the beauty of our oceans and its life and in turn, to help, save and make an effort to bring back the original magnificence of our oceans and its species.

An art exhibition designed and titled as BY THE SEA’, was opened to the world on Thursday the 19th of Aug 2021 at 5PM in the presence of distinguished guests at Picasso Gallery, Beside Al Serkal Avenue, Dubai. The Exhibition is open to the public from 21 Aug 2021 until 31 Aug 2021.

‘BY THE SEA’ was curated by Jesno Jackson, founder of ART4You gallery wherein 14 talented artists will exhibit their splendid creations and most importantly the artist themselves shall be available at the venue to narrate their story behind each of their creations. Jesno Jackson who is working relentlessly to give a phenomenal evening to the world says “By the Sea – will exhibit work by international artists who have delved deep into the ocean of their creative minds and souls and translated the theme in their own unique styles and genres. We have tried to include artists that have depicted various facets of water right from the surface to the very depths, hence the tagline over the ocean, above the sea. Each of us on the planet has a responsibility to do our part to help protect, care for and enhance our beautiful planet. On behalf of all participating artists and the gallery, I would request you of the community to come and experience the splendid creations of Masters.”

While the United Arab Emirates celebrates 2021 as ‘The EXPO 2021” this exhibition carries immense significance as this event will echo the importance of diversity with our oceans and its precious life. The art fraternity in the region is confidently looking forward to experiencing an incredible evening under the able leadership of ART4You gallery founders Jesno Jackson & Rengi Cherian. This is categorically a highly recommended exhibition.

One must agree that the highest form of tolerance would be tolerant and gentle with nature. Hence, we are honored to have the support of Our Chief guest- HE LAILA RAHHAL EL ATFANI – President and Founder of Business Gate in the presence of other dignitaries Mr. AbdulAziz Ahmad – CEO of Safeer Corporates Services, Mr. Yaqoob Al Ali – MD Al Ali Group of companies, Celebrity Guest – Isha Farha Quraishy, Mr. Mohammad Dakkak, Mr.Maktoum AlMarzooqi, 

Participating Artists: Aseel Al Ramlawi – Palestine, Anna Wyborn – Russia, Bina Safdar – Pakistan, Dr. Manal Dandan – Lenanon ,Dr. Marwa Alalwani – Iraq, Jesno Jackson – India, Megha Manjarekar – India, Nirupama Sibel – India, Prathibha Ajayan – India, Rafah Abdulrazzak- Syria, Roa Al Madani – UAE, Sheetal Durve – India, Sumaya Ali – Pakistan, Varsha Sehgal – India

Our honored invitees include also marine biologists and coastal scientists and environment specialist. Inspired by the connectivity of the environment – The Water for Life is showcased in this exhibition. Environmental Awareness through Art – “Dive into the ocean of beingness, Into the calmness, walk and Breath and Live in a reality beyond all realities that you can imagine”!!!

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