October 18, 2021

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A fresh and exciting take on quesadilla

We can’t hold it in any longer, Cloud Restaurants has launched Go! Dilla, a fresh and exciting new take on quesadillas! Instead of using tortillas, Go! Dilla has switched things up by using toasted Parathas to make quesadillas.

We all have a soft spot in our hearts for crispy, flaky, and ever so buttery parathas, now imagine all of that in a quesadilla! Well, that is exactly what you get when you order from Go! Dilla.The delivery only concept from Cloud Restaurants. Step up your Quesadilla game by replacing tortillas with parathas and get ready to rock your tastebuds with the simple pleasures in life. These quesadillas are a perfect quick feast served with a lick of exciting sauces that range from refreshing Raita and Mint Chutney to fiery Sichuan and Buffalo Mayo.

Inspired by international flavours from India, China and America, each Dilla’s is stuffed with Godzilla-like flavours such as Sizzling Chicken Sichuan, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Shawarma ‘Dilla, and mouthwatering Secret Sauce Chicken to name a few. Each meal of quesadilla comes with a serving of fries and dip. If you have a sweet tooth, Go! Dilla has also got you covered with the Dessert Nutella ‘Dilla! This is the real dilla! Nutella, made with flaky sweet paratha bread, an almond caramelized croquant and sliced banana! Now you don’t have to choose whether you are team Paratha or team Quesadilla!

Go Dilla are also serving delectable appetizers to munch on like their Chicken Tikka Samosa, Veggie Samosa, Baked Tandoori Chicken Wings and Chipotle Chicken Tenders to name a few.

Go! Dilla offerings:

  • Grilled Cheese Corn AED 29 – Keep it simple with this loaded quesadilla filled with grilled corn and cheese, served with ketchup as a dip and fries
  • Chicken Shawarma ‘Dilla AED 33 – Go! Lebanese with this perfectly crafted quesadilla in a flaky wheat paratha flatbread. Made with marinated chicken, hummus, pickles, lettuce and Mediterranean sumac salad, served with garlic dip on the side and fried
  • Tandoori Chicken Tender AED31 – Get your Tandoori lovin on with this delicious quesadilla, Made with juicy marinated chicken grilled strips in a mildly spicy tandoori cabbage & red onion salad and cheese. Served with minty chutney and fries on the side
  • Goan Gravy Chicken AED33– Made with juicy Caffreal marinated chicken, pickled cabbage, red onion, cheese, toasted on a wheat Paratha bread served with mint chutney dip and fries
  • Secret Sauce Chicken AED33 – A creamy gravy sauce paired perfectly with tandoor marinated chicken served with a fresh yogurt raita dip and fires
  • Sizzlin Chicken Sichuan AED33 – Chinese Sichuan flavours in a quesadilla served with their in-house chili dip and fries on the side
  • Veggie Aloo Tikki Special AKA Veggie Potato Special! AED29 – Made with creamy, soft potatoes sandwiched between flaky parathas
  • Masala Sunshine Eggs AED29 – Brighten up your day with this version of a breakfast quesadilla served with ketchup on the side of fries
  • Indo Con Carne AED 37– A chili con carne with a deliciously addictive Indian twist! Served with a fresh yoghurt raita sauce on the side of fries
  • Nutella ‘Dilla AED27 – Made with Nutella, flaky sweet paratha bread, an almond caramelized croquant and sliced bananas

Fact Box

Offer: Go! Dilla

Price: Starting from AED27

Venue: Go! Dilla by Cloud Restaurants (delivery only)

Delivery:  Offer valid on all aggregators

Website: www.cloudrestaurants.com

About Cloud Restaurants

Launched in 2018, Go! is Cloud Restaurants’ first chapter of successful delivery-only restaurants developed for cloud kitchens and includes: Go! Pasta, Go! Risotto, Go! Greek, Go! Healthy, Go! Chinese, Go! Noodles and Go! Salad N Wrap. Cloud Restaurants have also recently introduced a new concept Lotsa, including Lotsa! Pasta, Lotsa! Lazy Cake and the brand new Lotsa! Tacos. Super easy to order from your favourite online ordering platforms such as Deliveroo, Zomato, Talabat, and Careem