October 21, 2021

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Jack of all trades, master of all: meet the all -new Renault Master

In September 1980, in the French commune of Batilly, the first Renault Master was launched with the 2.5 L Fiat-Sofim diesel engine. Distinctively designed with a sliding door design and rare round door handles, the van had a spacious load area, height, and longer wheelbases for mid- to heavy-duty commutes.

Sooner than expected, Renault Master became the best friend to many professional workers for all the good reasons, and today, 41 years later, it is a staple of vans and big cars.

More than meets the drive

The 2021 model of the Master, which is also the car’s third generation, sets a new standard of style, power, and performance for vehicles of its category.

The classic preferred choice of many around the world, the Master recently reclaimed the limelight for being the go-to option for small and mid-scale deliveries.

Polished to style

The 2021 Master is as resourceful and spacious as it is stylish. Its frontend features a new bumper, a carefully crafted bonnet and front wings as well as C-shaped LED daytime running lights with a new chrome strip on the front grille.

Leaving a lot of scope for your creativity, the exteriors of the van set it apart from the average models in its category and deliver aesthetics with a refreshing appeal. Crafted with everyday driving in mind, the interior of the Renault Master is fitted with a new stylish dashboard and a newly designed steering wheel, along with chrome inserts, together making the space comfortable and refined.

Drivers can also access handy auto headlights and auto wipers for optimal visibility from the cabin during all weathers.

The power and the potential

The Master van is powered by a 2.3-litre diesel engine that injects 120 kW of power in its manual model. The front-wheel drive and 6-speed manual transmission makes even uphill driving a smooth experience, even if you are fully loaded for a day of deliveries and transport.

With an impressive payload of 1,623 kg, the Renault Master is a perfect piece of engineering custom-made for all your needs. With solid efficiency across the range, the Master assures that deliveries go the distance, and its dynamic performance makes it stand out in the market.

Practicality perfected

The element of practicality is perhaps the most important one when it comes to selecting a vehicle of this grade. The Renault Master offers a cargo space range that spans between 8 to 17 cubic meters; it delivers on space and ability with utter finesse. With the choice of short, medium, long or extra-long wheelbases, the van is designed to suit all possible delivery needs.

Giving the driver complete control, one can choose from a choice of front or rear-wheel drive, with powertrain options, all ready to cater to their specific needs, and the rear-view camera will act like an additional set of eyes when parking the car, especially for a larger van like the Master.

What do you get to travel with? 

Whatever the destination or purpose, the new Renault Master van ensures you are connected at all times making it ideal for businesses.

All these features make the new Renault Master a van of choice for all who seek convenience and performance excellence, and is now available at your nearest Renault showroom across Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates.

Always remember, with the Renault Master, you are bringing your world with you, wherever you may go.