December 4, 2021

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Time for a Summer Clean-up courtesy Zoflora

Time for a Summer Clean-up courtesy Zoflora

 Wipe, Mop and Eliminate Germs This Summer with Zoflora

Spring cleaning may have come and gone, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late for a good deep cleaning around your home. With Zoflora, UK’s leading concentrated disinfectant you can eliminate foul smells while disinfecting a wide range of surfaces, including floors, doors, and tables. Zoflora’s effective 3-in-1 formula not only kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, but also ensures your home smells heavenly with its long-lasting fragrance.

Here are the best practices and tips to maintain a healthy, clean, fresh-smelling home courtesy the experts at Zoflora:

Use Zoflora Neat to Target Germ Battleground

For all the nasty high touch zones that germs like to stick to, Zoflora’s impactful formula will do the job. Just pour a capful of the solution neat in places such as sinks, bathtubs and toilet basins. This disinfectant will kill the germs and viruses and leaving it overnight will leave the space smelling fresh throughout the day.

Mop with your Zoflora Diluted in A Bucket of Water

Zoflora is extremely versatile and easy-to-use, which means it can be utilized through 3 capfuls for a bucket of water for mopping and will keep the floors sparkling and the house smelling divine. Zoflora is available in Linen Fresh, Bouquet, Bluebell Woods, Lemon Zing, Spring Time, and the region’s favourite, Rose Noir.

Disinfect ALL Surfaces for the best results

Don’t leave any surfaces out. From tables and doors to ovens and floors, use a diluted Zoflora spray and solution and get into all the little nooks for a completely sanitized space filled with your favourite Zoflora fragrance.

Priced at AED 39.90, Zoflora fragrances are available to purchase in the UAE online and instore including major ecommerce platforms – Amazon, Noon, Mumzworld, Firstcry, Carrefour and in retail stores: Waitrose, Spinneys, Lulu, Choitrams, Aswaaq, Grandiose, Geant, Union Co-Op, Abu Dhabi Coop, HomeSmith & on apps: NowNow, Instashop, El Grocer.

About Zoflora:

Zoflora has been helping UK households stay safe from germs for almost 100 years, with its range of beautifully fragranced, perfumer developed concentrated disinfectants. Zoflora is the perfect partner for a hygienically clean home or business. The 3-in-1 action formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that can cause illness and create bad odours, as well as filling homes with a beautiful long-lasting fragrance for at least 24 hours.