September 27, 2021

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Dari Home introduces new Digital Pressure Cooker

Dari Home introduces new Digital Pressure Cooker

  • Dari Home, the region’s leading provider of quality cookware and home appliances, presents the new Arshia Digital Pressure Cooker.
  • With a specialization in kitchenware and home ware appliances, Dari Home is a true pioneer in smart home solutions.

Dari Home, the brand the region depends upon for the best of the best home solutions, brings its smart and easy home cleaning and cookware, cutlery and kitchenware made to fit right into every home, introduces ARSHIA new Digital Pressure Cooker comes with tight covering for fast and well cooking and lock-in freshness.

Equipped with 1000watts of power, the pressure cooker is perfect for frying and various cooking styles using food items such as rice, meat, chicken, fish, beans, congee, soup and cake.  Features include 6 liters interior non-stick cooking pot in an attractive Brushed stainless-steel Housing. It has an automatic keep warm feature at end of each cooking cycle and keeps foods warm up to 12 hours.

For hassle free cooking, the cooker comes with intelligently optimized pre-programs and an indicator beep at end of cooking cycle. It saves time and energy by 40-60% and timer can be preset up to 24 hours before cooking.

About Dari Home:

Dari Home is the designer kitchenware E-store. It’s a unique store that houses a range of kitchenware and dishes for the love of cooking, made for anyone who truly and solely revel in the simplistic joys of home cooking and celebrate special occasions with a humble display of culinary brilliance. Dari Home offers products for your home with design, style, creativity and quality. Dari, truly made “For the Joy of Cooking”. Shop online for wide range of Kitchenware from popular brands

“.Digital Pressure Cooker that comes with a tight lid for fast and efficient cooking while locking in the freshness of the food, it can help you to “have it all” when it comes to cooking.

Dari Home offers distinct products for your home with design, style and creativity. Get your hands on the beautiful range of stainless steel cutlery to cookware to glassware, porcelain and elegant trays made in Italy. Dari Home brings you exclusive products from TVS, Giorinox, Bugatti, Toyo Glass, Evercut & Arshia. Dari is also known for utterly promoting young chefs at home by offering adorable sets of kid’s cookware, apron, and cutlery set among other attractive cleaning items from Vigar. Truly, Dari Home is established to provide you the tools needed for the Joy of Cooking.

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