October 18, 2021

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Capital University College launches a new admissions route  - ASPIRE| APPLY| ADMIT - a simplified approach to kick-starting higher education

  • Post the cancellation of Board exams; students can now begin their University journey by submitting Pre-Board or Provisional high school results
  • The University announces new scholarship grants; up to 50% off in tuition fee
  • One-to-one sessions with ace admission counsellors to strengthen student application

Capital University College, the region’s leading higher education institutions, operational since 1998, has announced a new admissions route under the name – ASPIRE| APPLY| ADMIT. Under the route, students can opt for this three-step method to begin their higher education journey with Capital University College. Through this new admissions route, the University has begun to accept provisional or pre-board results for the faculty to evaluate and send out offer letters.

In line with admissions, the University will also start accepting various certifications/extracurriculars that will support their application. One such document could be a personal statement where students can highlight their interests, goals and how this program can benefit in the long run. The new admission process aims to simplify the admissions process, supporting students to enrol into their desired program easily. Through this quick and hassle-free admissions route, students can easily enrol for a range of programs including, top-ranked UK Bachelors degree in Business, Level 3 Diploma, an American Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration or even creative programs like Fashion or Interior Design.

Additionally, Capital has also developed new scholarship opportunities as their little way of supporting parents and students during such challenging times. This year, Capital has managed to launch a scheme where admission processes are easier than ever, intending to support their students, be it morally or financially. From students showcasing academic excellence to referrals, the University has created scholarship opportunities that will fit any students’ background. These scholarship grants offer fee waivers up to 50% off. This way, the University is paving pathways to extraordinary students who will contribute significantly to the business industry.

One of the popular programs for high school graduates is Capital’s Level 3 Diploma, commonly called the Foundation program. The university encourages this program to those who are looking to kick-start their University life and smoothly transition to their bachelors’ journey. Students above the age of 16, holding an O Level or equivalent levels of qualification can simply apply and get admitted for the program. Interested students can simply take a virtual or an in-person appointment with one of Capital’s ace admission officers for further inquiries and begin their admission process.

Alternatively, students who are looking to specialize in business and its multifold facets, are welcome to enrol in the highly popular program – BA (Hons) in Business. This program is in exclusive partnership with North Wales Business School, Glyndwr University, one of the UK’s renowned higher education institutions. Students enrolling in this program can simply share their provisional results and other documents for a successful admit at Capital University College. The same applies to students who are

looking to earn an American Bachelors’ degree. Capital in partnership with Westcliff University, a higher education institution based in California, offers a Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA). For these business programs, students are encouraged to submit their provisional results along with a compelling personal statement or other portfolios that will increase their chances of receiving an offer letter.

Lastly, the University has also begun its admissions for its creative programs including, a Professional Diploma in Interior Design, Fashion Design and Make-Up in technical collaboration with the UK’s reputed London College of Arts. Students who have a creative flair or are interested in producing trendy apparels are welcome to apply for this 6-months rigorous program with a practical approach to learning. Students at the end of the design program will receive their qualifications from London College of Arts that is accredited and endorsed by Qualifi, a registered awarding body in the UK.

Commenting on the new admissions route, Dr Vikas Nand Kumar Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital University College, states, “This year has been particularly difficult for high school students considering the uncertainty lurking around. Now with the cancellation of CBSE grade 12 board exams, students need our support more than ever. We are extremely pleased to announce this new admissions route as a three-step away to students receiving their offer letters. We are positive that this new route will simplify the process and support our students in the best way possible.”

Adding to a similar note, Dr Sanjay Batheja, Co-Founder & Director, Capital University College says,

“With this new admissions process, students can easily enrol for top-ranked UK Bachelors degree in Business in just two years on a fast track basis, unlike other institutions. Along with this, we are streamlining a process where we will be conducting face-to-face/virtual meetings with parents and students as a way to extend the support they require during such challenging times. We encourage this process as they will be able to engage, inquire and understand how students can strengthen their application with certifications/ extracurriculars relevant to the program they will be applying for”. 

About Capital University College

Capital University College UAE, is a leading education institution in the UAE and has been operational in the United Arab Emirates since 1998. The college has prestigious partnerships with Glyndwr University (North Wales Business School), London College of Arts in the United Kingdom, Rome Business School in Italy  and also with Westcliff University in California. To find out more about their programs, enrolments, intakes and more,