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June 2021

Top Tourism Sports Activities In Dubai

Top Tourism Sports Activities In Dubai

Although the UAE bans well-known tourist activities such as casino games, Arabic roulette, and sports betting, tourists can enjoy various sports activities. In fact, UAE is a country that loves sports, as when you walk around the streets of the Emirates, you will find many public gyms, places for parking wheels, and you will also find many outdoor athletics halls!

Although all countries of the world focus primarily on football, the UAE is interested in all kinds of sports in general, which creates great diversity for tourists looking for fun, recreation and trying something new.

Since the beginning of the millennium, the ruling family in the Emirates issued an initiative to urge citizens and expatriates to engage in various sports. For example, two girls from the Al Maktoum family participated in the 2008 Beijing Olympics in taekwondo and show jumping. Also, the UAE is a candidate to host the next edition of the Olympics.

The Sports City

The Sports city, which was built as part of Dubai is a complex project. This city is a symbol of how much the country believes in sports. It has 4 courses, a golf course, tennis courts and a football school stamped by Manchester United!

In fact, all hotels in the UAE and Dubai have gymnasiums and swimming pools, but it is not limited to this, there are many different sports that you can enjoy in the Emirates and we will give you a quick overview of this article.

Besides the fun of watching sports events, you can also enjoy placing sports online bets on any of the any race or match that is held in the UAE through best casino in dubai.

What Is The Secrets Of The UAE’s Interest In Sports?

Sports is a business, therefore, there is good reason to be interested in it! So, Dubai and Abu Dhabi have launched several global races.

In 2009 only Abu Dhabi hosted a new global tennis championship and the Formula 1 Grand Prix. Athletes come to Dubai because of the huge rewards they get in these tournaments.

In the UAE, you can watch all kinds of sports tournaments, starting with the World Golf Championship, European football tournaments and rugby championships, and other events. In short, you can see everything in the Emirates!

1.   Horse and camel races

It is well known that horse racing is the sport of kings; since the UAE is a royal country, it is obvious that horse and camel racing is of particular importance!

The racing season lasts from October to April, i.e. in the winter season due to the difficulty of conducting these races during the summer. In general, these local races are held periodically except on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and public holidays.

The most prominent equestrian race in the UAE is the Dubai World Cup. This race has been in existence since 1996. It is considered the largest in terms of prize pools amounting to 10 million US dollars! It is worth noting that the last two editions of this race witnessed for the first time the participation of robots to replace traditional jockeys, which predicts a change in the form of sports as we know it, especially with the increase in the popularity of virtual sports.

Some people say that His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan is fond of horse and camel racing and has no less than 14,000 racing camels that are looked after by an army of 9,000 people! However, this rumour is unconfirmed.

Besides watching international and local races in the UAE, you can also practice them yourself! All you need to do is look for a field near your hotel, go there, choose the right horse, and then race with your friends or other jocks!

2.   Marine Sports

The UAE has wonderful beaches on the Arabian Sea, which makes it the most suitable place for practising various marine sports. You can enjoy windsurfing, jet skiing, speedboats, snorkelling, swimming, and other marine sports. However, you must check the temperature before you go to the beach. Sometimes the water is so hot that it feels like a 34°C bath! The main disadvantage of swimming is that the beaches can turn into a furnace in the middle of the day!

Most of the beaches do not have a shaded area so tourists go to the beaches in the early morning hours and return to the hotels at 10 am.

It is also worth noting that snorkelling is available in the UAE within very limited ranges since Dubai and Abu Dhabi have built a lot of construction within the territorial waters which completely covered the visibility in the deep sea.

Among the favourite spots for divers is the famous “Snoopy Island” and the area north of Dibba, which contains coral reefs, sharks, rays, turtles and sometimes even whales!

3.   Desert Sports

While the previous sports may be available in other parts of the world, the UAE is unique in exciting desert sports such as 4×4 trekking, sand dune climbing, desert racing, mountain climbing and hot air balloon rides! Many tour agency programs include this type of excursion.


Whether you are planning to travel to the Emirates for tourism, immigration, or work, you will inevitably find a lot of exciting sports activities that you can enjoy almost everywhere, but if you prefer watching sports, the local broadcasting services available in the Emirates will offer you the sports events that are held Almost free of charge in Dubai and Abu Dhabi!


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