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June 2021

OSN Films and Documentaries to watch on World Environment Day

OSN Films and Documentaries to watch on World

Discover these heart-warming shows on the OSN Streaming App to rekindle your love for the environment

June 5th marks World Environment Day, the United Nations day for encouraging awareness and action to protect our environment. Here are some top picks available on the OSN Streaming App to mark this day, and bring you and your loved ones, a little closer to the beautiful world we live in.

Our future eco warriors are our best bet for keeping our planet habitable. Join them on an adventure this World Environment Day. Ignite their passion and awareness for the environment with all-time animated movie classics that include WALL-E, Moana, Finding Nemo. Embark on a discovery of the real concerns ailing our planet today with Arctic Drift, Saving My Tomorrow, and Amazon Rainforest.


Arctic Drift is anything but a documentary, it is a scientific adventure film. Embark on an epic scientific adventure, as you journey through the biggest Arctic climate research expedition. Get onboard the 12,000-ton German icebreaker on a yearlong journey to undertake vital research in the most hostile and unknown terrain on earth.


Pixar’s WALL-E introduces us to an environmentally conscious little robot who is dedicated to cleaning up the mess made by humans on earth. Join WALL-E with your little ones, as he embarks on a journey to save humanity from itself, while learning about the importance of doing your bit.


Don’t be fooled by her wide-eyed gaze. Moana is no regular Disney princess. This eco warrior is passionate about her home, ancient Oceania, and will do anything to save her people, and the ocean she loves so much.


Moana isn’t the only one passionate about the ocean. Finding Nemo affords an endearing and natural introduction to piquing children’s interest in ocean life, coral reefs, and marine biology. Get cozy on the couch and follow this floundering fish as he finds his way back home.


For those with older children, and big kids at heart, Saving My Tomorrow is a six-part family series on the environment bringing together stellar global talent including Susan Sarandon, Pharrell Williams, Liam Neeson, Alan Cumming and Ziggy Marley and scientists from the American Museum of Natural History. The series affords a great opportunity to parents, and younger children to explore the world we live in, with a unique edutainment opportunity to delve into energy use, sustainability and deforestation.


Explore the frontline of our changing climate system with Amazon Rainforest. This documentary by Liz Courtney deep dives into what’s really happening in the Amazon and why scientists are so concerned about the rate of change being recorded.

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