May 2021

Murdoch University Dubai Announces Significant Reduction  of all Course Fees for September Intake Students

Murdoch University Dubai Announces Significant Reduction

Revised fee structures to help ease burdens on families caused by ongoing global pandemic

Murdoch University Dubai has announced it is to reduce fees across all its courses for 2021, pertaining to the September intake. A reduction of 50% will be applied to scholarships for first year undergraduates, with further reductions of up to 40% applicable to year two and onward. Furthermore, predictive grades and scores are being accepted for applications and scholarships, with double majors available for all undergraduate courses, in most cases with no additional costs or time commitments.

Dr James Trotter, Murdoch University Dubai Dean and Academic President, explained that the university has already been extremely flexible to accommodate the needs of students and their families due to the financial pressures caused by the COVID-19 global pandemic, and this latest announcement is a further helping measure.

“Nobody has been unaffected by the impact of this health crisis,” remarked Dr Trotter, “and it continues to cause enormous disruption across every level of society. Remarkable progress has been made over the past year and the rollout of vaccine programmes all around the world does give us hope, but the end is still not in sight. It is incumbent on us, then, to do whatever we can to ease the burdens experienced by our students, both existing and future, and I believe these revised fees will be warmly welcomed by all concerned.”

Mark Brown, General Manager, Dubai Campus, said that the objective of this initiative is simple: to help make education more affordable for those in need of support. “The years spent in university are some of the most important in our lives,” he remarked, “and Murdoch University has always viewed the interests of its students as its number one priority. While it is obviously enjoyable, higher education can also be stressful at times and worrying about course fees at this time would be detrimental to that essential learning process.

“We are here to give our students the best possible start to their lives and I believe they will benefit enormously from our new fees structure while knowing that the quality of the

education we provide is unaffected. This is truly a world-class institution and Murdoch’s past alumni have, over the years, gone on to be true pioneers in their respective fields.”

Murdoch University is a globally renowned, ranked as one of the Top 100 Young Universities (under 50) in the world (Times Higher Education World University Rankings), and placed in the top 2% of global universities (QS Rankings 2020), having also been at the forefront of Australian and global research for more than 40 years.

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