April 2021

Star International Mirdif Launches Covid-Friendly

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Star International Mirdif Launches Covid-Friendly

“Log In and Learn” Online Short Lessons

for Prospective and Existing Pupils

  • Star International School Mirdif’s Early Years Foundation School (EYFS)

  registered a staggering growth of 45% this year

  • The school’s facility has been praised by the DHA and KHDA authorities for adhering

 to the highest Covid-19 safety standards

  • School introduces “Log In and Learn” 15-minute online sessions to familiarise the

  public about the school without the need to visit

Star International School Mirdif, a bespoke family-oriented and research-driven British curriculum school in the heart of Mirdif, recently launched its “Log In and Learn” initiative, which is a series of 15-minute long online sessions for potential and newly-enrolled Foundation Stage (FS) students, as part of its latest efforts to adapt to the current challenges posed by Covid-19. This initiative was rolled-out to further reassure families still deciding on whether it is safe to re-introduce their children back to school, through showcasing all the top safety measures and protocols that Star International Mirdif is enforcing to harbour a safe yet stimulating face-to-face learning environment.

“Log In and Learn” is an engaging series of video-based lessons dedicated to the greater public with the intention of spreading Star International Mirdif’s community-focused ethos across the city of Dubai. The short yet informative online sessions have been devised to provide parents and children – three to four years of age – a glimpse about the school from different angles – facility, teachers, subjects and classroom learning environment-  without the need for a physical tour.. The “Log In and Learn” initiative is further supported by the application of fun activities and conversation points that children and parents can have together.

With “Log In and Learn”, Star International Mirdif is paving the way for a Covid-friendly learning approach and the opportunity to educate potential EYFS students with everything that the school has to offer, while allowing for an immersive experience into the school’s educational ecosystem. As a Covid-19 inspired initiative, the 15-minute lessons will eliminate the need for students and parents to visit the premises and interact with others, creating a safe opportunity for those looking to gain more knowledge about the school, without the physical risk involved.

Commenting on the launch of Star International Mirdif’s “Log In and Learn ” initiative, Principal Gill Roberts remarks: “We are proud to be at the frontline of forward-thinking schools that are looking to adapt and rise above to the current challenges of the educational field with Covid-19. What can be described as a digital version of an ‘open-house’ day, the conceptualization of the “Log In and Learn”  initiative was also designed to bring our sense of community to students and parents, eliminating the need for physical visitations and interactions.”

Relatively, Star International School Mirdif has witnessed surging success year-over-year with its Foundation Stage enrollment. Starting with 95 students at the beginning of this year, the school has grown exponentially within just six months of operation by a rate of 45 percent, with more students still looking to join in Term 3 for EYFS1. Interest in Star International Mirdif’s EYFS sections has been so high in fact, that the school has decided to open up an additional EYFS1 class this academic year, which is filling-up quickly. “Even with the anxiety that the Covid-19 pandemic has brought amongst parents and the larger community, Star International Mirdif has still witnessed very promising growth within its EYFS sections,” added Gill Roberts.

Continuing its endeavor to uphold the highest Covid-19 safety measures for pupils and parents at the school, Star International Mirdif has recently been praised by the DHA and KHDA authorities for adhering to the top safety standards and adopting the strictest precautionary measures. There are a total of 118 protocols which have been put in place by the school to harbour a Covid-free learning environment, which range from social distancing of tables, introduction of chromebooks to Years 3 and above, “No Bags” policy and the installation of desk dividers to allow pupils to interact socially yet safely. Additionally, the Star International School Mirdif has introduced new and fun social distancing artwork for EYFS students to enable them to learn about why they need to ‘maintain social distancing’ in an age-appropriate manner. Star International Mirdif has also ensures that it sustains a smooth drop-off and pick-up timetable to avoid congestion, cleaning timetables to enhance the regularity of disinfection, conducting sterilisation sessions every weekend and introducing external interactive webinars that are focused on educating students about good hygiene for a healthy life.

“Since the start of this academic year, Star International Mirdif has tirelessly worked to ensure that it adheres to the latest WHO and local authority health and safety measures for students studying at our premises. Last month, as an example, we celebrated a week of “zero Covid-19 cases”. When we consider the fact that there are approximately 900 people in our school community of students and staff members, we think this is quite impressive and this just reinforces our continuous commitment to make the learning environment at Star International Mirdif as safe as possible for students, teachers and staff all together,” added Gill Roberts.

The reason behind Star International Mirdif’s staggering growth over the past few years is credited to its excellent reputation particularly across its Foundation Year sections, which has been consistently shown through its exceptional quality of teaching and smoothness in transition. This has been well-demonstrated through the school’s latest innovative digital learning initiatives and state-of-the-art circcucula and programmes during one of the most uncertain times with Covid-19, when authorities are demanding schools to adhere to newly stipulated online and offline rules and regulations..

About Star International School Mirdif:

Star International School Mirdif is a BSME-accredited, co-educational British Curriculum school founded in 2008, and situated in the heart of the Mirdif Community. Currently, the school embodies 700+ students, 70+ nationalities, 65 teachers and 105+ school staff under one roof, and  is open to year groups EYFS 1 through to Year 9, with plans to expand into Year 10 for the next academic year, and growing organically year-on-year. This expansion has an aim of obtaining the school’s first set of GCSE results in July 2023. The school is a research-driven, family-oriented institution, guiding the children through learning with its key Pillars of Learning; Learning for Self, Learning for Change, Learning for All. Star Mirdif  prides itself on offering affordable education offered by British-trained and qualified teachers, with nominal tuition fees starting at AED 27,000.

Star Mirdif ’s Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) offers an exclusive learning environment situated away from the Primary and Secondary school, which offers plenty of space for inquisitive and energetic learners. The Foundation Stage building at Star Mirdif  provides an abundance of outdoor space for lessons and breaks, as well as a beautiful indoor atrium for assemblies, collaborative events such as house music performances and hot weather play time. In addition to this, the school has a purpose-built splash pool to give students a safe introduction to swimming lessons within the younger age groups.

Over recent years, Star Mirdif Primary school has grown and developed from strength-to-strength. The school community has expanded by 50%, with a thriving cohort of students who are eager to learn. Star International has introduced a wider choice of extracurricular activities covering areas from Newspaper Club to Badminton, Art and Drama clubs. The soon to launch “STEAM” curriculum, students will be introduced to computer science and robotics at an early age and explore building and designing within the technological lense. Throughout the school, children are encouraged to be proud of their work and are offered plenty of opportunities to compete across all subjects from Islamic Studies, Sports, Science, Entrepreneurship and many other subjects.

Currently in its second year, the Secondary levels at Star Mirdif  offer education from Years 7-9. With the start of the academic year 2021/22, the school will introduce Year 10; with the Year 9 cohort selecting their GCSE choices this Spring. Furthermore, the school will be offering a wide range of qualifications to suit all interests and capabilities of students  including GCSEs, iGCSEs and BTEC’s, with subjects such as Physical Education, Art, History, Geography, Business Studies, Sociology and many more.

Star International is led by Gill Roberts as Principal, alongside Neal Oates as Vice Principal, both of whom are very passionate about investing and improving the quality of education provided at the school on a continuous pace. With their direction, the school will continue to reach goals of excellence by offering new facilities, educational equipment and learning experiences to all  its students.

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