March 2021

MState presents Villa Aurum, Dubai’s most desirable beachside villa

MState presents Villa Aurum, Dubai’s most desirable beachside villa

Located on the tip of Frond M, the villa is priced at 100m AED

  • Villa Aurum is believed to be one of the most expensive properties on the market
  • Unique location offers supreme privacy, wellness and world-class architecture  
  • Reflects the increased demand from HNWI residents for luxury Dubai properties

MState today announced the market launch of Villa Aurum, located on the tip of frond M on the Palm Jumeirah. Priced at 100m AED, the property is believed to be one of the most expensive, and exclusive, currently available. The property also reflects the robust performance of the super-prime property market in Dubai over the past six months, and its emerging status as an international ‘safe haven’ for the Ultra and High Net Worth community during the pandemic.

Villa Aurum is part of a collection of five breath-taking landmark villas, designed by leading architects LW Design Group. The architectural three-storey wonder, set on more than 1,300 square meters of land, boasts a white sandy private beach and spectacular panoramic city and sunset views.  The six-bedroom house was designed with light and space in mind and is flooded with interesting linear shading that is perfect for admiring the ever-changing light of the Arabian Gulf.

The property is being marketed as the ultimate response to the pandemic and speaks to Dubai’s ability to continually evolve and adapt in order to remain a globally renowned city. Experts have noted the rise in millionaires arriving in Dubai, leaving behind the restrictive conditions back home, and now far more able to work and live remotely with Dubai’s flexible new lows. The villa also perfectly reflects the increasing focus on wellness and wellbeing for property purchasers during the pandemic, including include a gym, spa and lush landscaped gardens.

Riccardo Scala, Head of Luxury Sales and Luxury Leasing, Luxury Property, comments, “Dubai’s super prime residential market has been positively affected with new buyers acquiring homes that are “reasonably priced” in comparison to what they are used to paying in their country of origin. As a result, the real-estate market recovered remarkably fast from the shocking depths it had hit early in 2020, reverting to 2019 levels within the span of two months. This increased activity continued throughout the second half of the year and into 2021, meaning we predict incredible levels of demand from this truly unique property.

Within the positive context, buying habits are changing, and we are seeing a more forensic approach to properties. Now, quality of life is paramount, with many people working from home and wishing to achieve a highly personalized sanctuary. Consequently, home buyers and tenants are in the market for options that are packed with amenities and villas, such as Villa Aurum, that provide a complete wellness setup; gym, steam room, sauna, are a must.”

He continues, “Villa Aurum truly is a special Villa, and in my opinion, is the best-located Villa for sale on The Palm Jumeirah right at this moment. The privacy and exclusivity it provides, being positioned at the very tip of Frond M, coupled with its beautiful open plan aspect, along with the modern finishes means that this villa really appeals to a special type of clientele that demands the highest of standards and luxury. With everything that has happened in the past 10 months, and with the new standards and expectations from discerning buyers out there in the market right now, Villa Aurum really does tick all the boxes.”

Towards the Billionaire Lifestyle: The Emergence of the Middle East’s Super Home

The concept of the “Super Home” is not something new – it was a big thing 20 years ago, with designers in LA and NYC being asked by the UHNW clients to create projects for their homes that were unique and iconic, with details that no one else had seen before and that would be able to ‘wow’ their guests. However, given a convergence of factors, I feel that the Super Home is set to be the next big trend to infiltrate the Middle Eastern market – and we at Blush International are already creating some jaw-dropping homes for our discerning clients in the Middle East.

The long lengths of time that we have all been spending at home has placed an emphasis on the importance of a sanctuary, and amongst our clients, has not only brought back this concept of Super Homes but has actually pushed this to a whole new and never-seen level. Our home is now more than ever required to be our safe place. As such, interior designers have been busier than ever with a new lifestyle that gravitates around ‘being home’ and not on a plane every two weeks.

The lockdown situation that Coronavirus imposed has accelerated this trend and our client requests are showing us precisely that. However, we have been seeing a huge shift in the way residential interior design is seen in the region and in the UAE in particular for a few years now. Dubai is no longer a transient place with expats moving out every three or five years. We are here to stay and our home here must provide us the same level of comfort as that of our house back in London for example. The market has grown in sophistication and clients don’t want a copy of something they have seen at their friend’s house – they want something that is unique and was created for them. The outstanding hotels that we have in Dubai have also set the bar high and our clients expect that the residential project designed for their homes surpasses the level of detail of their favorite hotel – nothing less.

A few years ago, having Versace wallpaper and cushions and a Fendi couch was valued in a way that now seems out of place. I have nothing against it, if the color scheme, the texture, the shape and its dimensions fits perfectly in the room, but the thing is: everyone can have that. Real luxury is craftmanship and bespoke furniture created by designers and artisans from scratch, with the dimensions that make sense for that particular room because it was designed precisely for that space.

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