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How to Decorate a Home for Ramadan Eid Ready to transform your home into a Jannah?

How to Decorate a Home for Ramadan Eid

We’ve got you!

There are many ways to spruce up your home sweet home for Ramadan Eid. And the good news is you don’t need a major makeover, nor expensive decorations.

A few items and pieces can make your home stand out. Plus, filling each room with little surprises will surely make this celebration a joyous one!

Illuminate Your Home

Lights can do magic.

There are so many ways to achieve a bright and stylish light décor.

Table Lamps

One is the use of table lamps. Aside from traditional lamps, you can also choose Ramadan-inspired Eid lamps that don’t just give off light but also make a beautiful accent piece in your home. Place it in your living room and bedside table, these lamps are a great addition to your Eid home!


Let the outdoor vibe fill your home with Fanous lanterns. These beautiful lamps are crafted specifically for the holy month. They symbolize “hope” in darkness. Hang them in your hallway and your patio. They’re a great reminder of our treasured traditions.

Star Lanterns

Kids and adults love lanterns, specially handcrafted ones. Make a combo of big and small stars to decorate walls,  stairs, and focal points in your home.

DIY lanterns are fun to make with kids. So if you’re looking for the perfect family pastime this Eid, you know just what to do!

Update your Living room

The living room is where you will be entertaining guests and most likely hanging out with your family during Eid. Feel free to keep it festive with plenty of decorations, wall accents, lights, festive carpets, and thematic cushion covers.

Eid trees are a popular addition to your home too. Get the little ones decorating the tree. It’s always so much fun!


Flowers make a posh addition to a classic or modern home. You can either choose a theme by picking one type of flower to accentuate your living room or a mix of colorful florals.

Fresh flowers are ideal for decorating because not only are they stunning, they also give off a wonderful scent (which enhances the ambiance in your home.) Put them in vases, create a centerpiece, or make a floral thread to decorate your staircase. There are so many ways to decorate your interior with flowers!

Decorative floral decors made of different materials like brass are also a great addition to your Eid-inspired home.

Festive Wreaths

The wreath symbolizes the divinity of Eid. Hang it on your front door and other areas of your home. You can make one using flowers, twigs, fruits, dried leaves, and other items you can find at home (or at the craft store).

Follow Customs & Rituals at Your Home

We may be living in the modern world and doing most things differently from the way our great grandparents used to. However, when it comes to Ramadan and Eid, we want to keep the traditions alive.

Eid banquet

Eid is a moment to celebrate. Don’t forget to decorate the table for your Eid banquet. It’s time to unwrap that treasured tableware, make a lovely centerpiece, and set up the dishes with an artistic mindset.

Banners and bunting

Fill your home with banners and bunting. It’s the season to celebrate. Play with colors. Ditch the “monotone” and add more colors to your home. The more colorful, the better!

Decorative Candles

There’s nothing like decorating your home with candles if you’re after that cozy feel.

There are many ways to decorate your home with candles. Mix and match with hard-cover and you’ve got yourself a perfect coffee table.

Create a centerpiece for your Eid banquet by putting together different candles beautifully stacked on candlestick holders for an eclectic decor touch.

Candles are also a way to spread some lovely scent. Make sure that your scented candles go well together (ex: apple and cinnamon, all-floral scent, citrus) and aren’t overpowering.

Hang Decorative Lanterns

Before you wake your kids up for the Suhoor, light up the decorative lanterns on the hallway ceiling. These captivating lamps are sure to draw away their sleepiness and set the mood for a festive dinner.

You can even take a large grouping of lanterns and hang them on the wall like massive artwork. Beautiful!

Door Hanging in the Shape of Stars & Moon

Apart from being the international symbol of Islam, the Crescent Moon and Stars hold a special meaning in Ramadan. Some say it represents God’s throne which symbolizes hope.

You can skip the wreath on your front door and have this decor instead.

Eid balloons

Balloons are perhaps the easiest and least expensive way to add a touch of festivity to your home. Don’t skimp on balloons. Kids and adults love them!

But instead of just tying them to your chairs and sofa, why not set up some Eid balloon columns? Again, play with colors. Don’t forget to purchase “E”, “I”, and “D” balloons to be placed on top of your balloon columns.

Eid gift frames

Eid gift frames are another nice addition to your home decoration. Place a big one on your patio to welcome guests and a few smaller pieces inside your home. You can buy inexpensive ones online or from local craft stores. Some shops are offering customized Eid gift frames where you can add a special message. Cool, right?

With just over a month before Eid, you must be excited about how you can make your home more festive this year. Hopefully, with these ideas, you can pull off a beautiful and vibrant decoration that your whole family will love.

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