February 2021

Exalto Emirates set to participate in NAVDEX 2021

Cementing their position in the maritime industry

Through this endeavour, the company aims to showcase its distinctive capabilities and comprehensive technologically-advanced marine product portfolio

Dubai – 21 of February 2021: Home to some of the world’s most reputed marine equipment brands, Exalto Emirates will be a part of NAVDEX 2021 that is scheduled to take place in Abu Dhabi from 21st to 25th February. Held under the kind patronage of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, the event provides a distinctive platform for brands to exhibit their latest developments, sophisticated technologies and equipment within the defence industry.

Evolving to adapt to the changing market, Exalto Emirates has over the last two and a half decades continually expanded its product offerings. The brand currently distributes 14,500 products that are revolutionising the maritime sector. Through their participation in NAVDEX, Exalto Emirates hopes to display some of their stellar products that integrate pioneering technologies.

A strategic event

With their diverse product range that provides high efficiency, Exalto Emirates’ participation in NAVDEX will cement its position as a leading supplier of electrical and mechanical marine parts and equipment not only in the UAE, but also throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent. Adding value to the engagement is the participation of various delegations and dignitaries, such as leaders of armies, decision-makers from around the world. This gives NAVDEX its reputation of being the largest and most influential international defence shows that is of strategic importance in the UAE and the Middle East.

Additionally, the event’s emphasis on technology and innovation supports the UAE government’s efforts to promote the UAE as a global hub for the fourth industrial revolution. It also contributes greatly to the country’s leaders’ vision to build a competitive national economy that gives utmost importance to knowledge, innovation and trailblazing technologies.

Commenting on their participation, John Paul, General Manager of Exalto Emirates said, “NAVDEX has been a much-awaited event year after year. The fact that it allows exhibitors to include equipment during live choreographed demonstrations that take place daily in front of a grandstand of event attendees makes it an opportunity that has immense business value. This year, though things are far from the usual due to the global pandemic, we hope to take full advantage of the opportunity by maximising the engagement with key government buyers and influencers. We are very well represented this year with some of our key products installed on boats that will be used for live demo’s during the show. We have three boats built by a leading military boat builder in the UAE, fitted with HamiltonJet WaterJets. Also, as a global premier marine equipment distributor, we have one live demo boat with the new OXE 300 HP Diesel Outboard. In addition, inside the main NAVDEX venue, we have another boat fitted with OXE diesel outboards and a very special “Craft” at IDEX fitted with HamiltonJet waterjets.”

A provider of path-breaking products

Paul explained, “The UAE has always been at the forefront when it comes to technological advancements and innovative solutions and practices. The COVID-19 pandemic especially accelerated the utilisation of technology-enabled solutions that helped to mitigate the impact of the economic slowdown. The country has succeeded in not only becoming self-sufficient with the latest technologies, but also transferring such innovative advancements to the whole world. Through our robust range of products, we hope to contribute to the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy that lays emphasis on the need to adopt new technologies and develop innovative products and services in all sectors.”

During the 5-day event, Exalto Emirates will exhibit products ranging from low emission outboard engines, boat security systems, stabilizers and shock-absorbing seats, among other things. The OXE diesel outboard fulfils the NATO “single-fuel” directive and is an ideal solution for naval, military, oil and gas application. Apart from offering high endurance and utmost safety, the engine is also low-maintenance and helps to keep emission levels under control.

Some of the other ingenious products on display will include SHOXS, the most advanced marine shock-mitigating suspension seat technology for military, law enforcement, commercial and recreational watercraft and vessels. Designed for military, blue light services, commercial marine and the oil and gas industry, Exalto Emirates also distributes the Scot Seats. Another gem in their range of products is BRNKL, a boat security system that provides three primary features including security, monitoring and global connectivity as it operates on a global cellular network. HamiltonJet waterjets that are at the forefront of waterjet propulsion technology and are known as one of the most advanced and innovative marine propulsion systems.

About Exalto Emirates:

Exalto Emirates was founded in 1995 in the Emirate of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates as a supplier of propellers and stern gear to the local dhow building industry. Throughout the years the company expanded into the field of specialized trading in marine equipment. Many of the world’s most reputable brands found their home with Exalto Emirates. Having undergone several management and ownership changes over the years, the company came under new ownership in 2009 and has since then rapidly expanded its range of products and services offered.

Currently the company distributes an extensive array of electrical and mechanical marine parts and equipment from over 100 international marine manufacturers from our locations in the United Arab Emirates supplying throughout the Middle East, Africa and the Indian Subcontinent and has a dedicated service center to provide installation and troubleshooting support, technical advice and commissioning services to our customers throughout the region.

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