January 2021

Frontline Heroes Office to Provide Enhanced Medical Insurance Coverage for Limited Income UAE Frontline Professionals

Frontline Heroes Office to Provide Enhanced Medical Insurance

Daman partners with Frontline Heroes Office on new insurance top-up programme for 10,000 professionals in greatest need

Under the direction of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, the Frontline Heroes Office has announced a new initiative that will provide expanded medical insurance coverage for the nation’s limited income frontline heroes and their immediate families.

The new Frontline Heroes insurance top-up programme was developed in partnership with the National Health Insurance Company – Daman, the UAE’s leading health insurance specialist, with funding from the Frontline Heroes Office. The initiative ensures that 10,000 eligible professionals enrolled in the Frontline Heroes Office registry will benefit from expanded coverage with benefits similar to Daman’s Enhanced “Sahtak”, the health insurance plan provided to expatriate employees of Abu Dhabi Government, starting the 1st of February.

Sheikh Sultan bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, Chairman of the Board of the Frontline Heroes Office, said: “His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan believes that protecting the health and wellbeing of our frontline heroes is the responsibility of the nation. These brave men and women have cared for and protected the health and safety of the people of the UAE throughout this pandemic, and we owe deep appreciation to them and their families. This initiative ensures that our frontline professionals in need will have enhanced access to medical care.”

The Frontline Heroes Office insurance top-up programme was developed in direct response to the results of a survey of over 8,000 frontline professionals working in healthcare facilities across the UAE and at entities responsible for sanitization and prevention, conducted during the formation of the office. In that survey, one theme UAE frontline heroes identified as a challenge was their overall health and wellbeing during the pandemic.

The new program will be administered by Daman, which has extensive experience designing and managing similar insurance expansion programmes for specialised government-funded initiatives. Daman will work directly with employers to identify and register eligible frontline professionals into the programme in accordance with a range of criteria set by the Frontline Heroes Office. Additionally, the health insurer will coordinate with treating medical facilities in terms of service approvals, coverage of claims and any interfacing required with its network of facilities.

The new 12-month top-up programme covers deductibles and co-insurance that are set in the beneficiaries’ existing health insurance plans such as those set for consultations and pharmaceuticals. Additionally, those with plans with annual limits on pharmaceutical coverage will receive further coverage of up to AED 3000 if they exceeded that limit.

HE Khaled Bin Shaiban Almehairi, Daman’s Chairman said: “We are proud to be chosen by the Frontline Heroes Office to work on this programme that ensures those who put themselves and their families at risk in service to our nation are protected and cared for. Everyone in Daman is incredibly honoured by the opportunity to show appreciation to the brave individuals and their families who have put the community of our beloved country first. They have spared no effort in their work, and we are committed to do the same as part of this programme.”

Daman has established a dedicated frontline heroes customer service team who will be reaching out to qualified frontline professionals to enrol them in the programme and introduce its expanded benefits.  For more information about the new insurance top-up programme or to check if they are registered in the Frontline Heroes Office database,

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