January 2021

Doctors at Abu Dhabi hospital perform the first hologram surgery  in the UAE  

Doctors at Abu Dhabi hospital perform the first hologram surgery

The groundbreaking surgery was performed by the doctors at Burjeel Medical City in partnership with technology-giant Microsoft

Doctors at an Abu Dhabi hospital has made history by successfully performing a 3D hologram surgery. The medical procedure employing the groundbreaking technology was conducted at the hospital in partnership with technology giant Microsoft.

In the presence of His Excellency, Sheikh Khalid bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the United Arab Emirates, and Dr. Klaus Boecker, Chief Medical and Operations Officer at Daman, Dr. Shamsheer Vayalil, Chairman and Managing Director at VPS Healthcare, welcomed the delegation at VPS Healthcare’s Burjeel Medical City located at Mohammed bin Zayed City in Abu Dhabi.

The pioneering surgery was performed by the doctors at VPS Healthcare’s Burjeel Medical City. The team led by Dr. Rashed Al Shaeel, Head of Orthopedics at the hospital and Dr. Jaber AlKhyeli, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon, used the ‘HoloLens’ headset developed by Microsoft to perform one-hour-long knee surgery on an Emirati patient.

Microsoft HoloLens uses advanced augmented reality (AR) technology that enables the user to see and interact with the real world through three-dimensional hologram images. The gadget has several sensors and cameras that covert the real world into three-dimension images and allows the users to interact with the holograms through hand gestures or voice commands.

The development of the gadget is revolutionizing healthcare as it provides three-dimensional images of the body. This helps doctors to identify problems faster and ensure precision in surgical procedures.

John Sunil, Chief Executive Officer at Burjeel Medical City, said: “We at VPS Healthcare keep abreast of the technology and have been the frontrunners in adapting to the innovations in the healthcare industry. We believe adapting to newer technologies is crucial in upskilling our expertise and delivering the best care to the people of the nation. The UAE leadership has always been very supportive and keen on adopting emerging technologies, particularly in healthcare. Also, being a responsible healthcare provider, we are committed and duty-bound to contributing to the development of the healthcare sector.”

Dr. Rashed highlighted this historic medical achievement saying: “The technology enables doctors to perform complex surgical procedures in lesser time and with greater precision, particularly during minimally invasive procedures. Hologram technology has been a path-breaking experience for healthcare around the world. We at Burjeel Medical City are proud to bring it to the operating rooms of the UAE hospitals for the first time,” said Dr. Rashed.

Burjeel Medical City is VPS Healthcare’s flagship project, which is envisioned to become a comprehensive cancer care hospital in the Middle East. The hospital will be devoting significant resources toward clinical research and trials to develop customized approaches for the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and drug development for cancer.

About Burjeel Medical City

VPS healthcare’s Burjeel Medical City is a 1.2 million square feet facility with 400 bedded multispecialty hospital designed to be hub for tertiary care, quaternary care, long term care and palliative care with its focus on comprehensive oncology treatment and prevention for adult and paediatric population.

Burjeel Medical city is an innovative healthy system dedicated to improving the health and transforming the lives of the people they serve through exceptional medical quality; accessible, compassionate patient-centered care and unparalleled staff commitment.

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