January 2021

K I R I N Collection SS20 Peggy Gou presents KRAVE

K I R I N  Collection SS20 Peggy Gou presents KRAVE

“Fun, energetic, a sense of freedom.”

For Peggy Gou, this applies as much to her latest Kirin collection as to the raves and festivals where she DJs.

This season, these two worlds merge into one as Krave. The result: coordinated, graphic looks that play out with euphoric expression, self-affirming character and irreverent ease.<img class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-34874″ ” src=”https://www.iconiclady.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/KIRIN-THAT-Concept-Store-3-600×400.jpg” alt=”” width=”600″ height=”400″ style=”display:none”>

Fast-paced days that blur together; ceaseless flights around the world; nights that pulse with sound and light—these are the real-life inspirations behind this collection’s dancing people motifs, the colour-blocked tracksuits and the effortless shirts and dresses. The oversized fits of Kirin’s debut now coexist with more feminine silhouettes. There are structured suits boasting exposed, belted backs, and sporty swimsuits covered in animation scenes. Printed eco fur and holographic disco stretch jersey combine eccentricity and comfort. Black dresses are contoured with jolts of bright pastels; flowery hues of lilac, pink and green appear electrified.

Peggy’s Korean background is signaled through reinterpreted traditional motifs patterned on denim and placed on T-shirts and sweats. Over and over again, Kirin in a riot of typography is dialed up loud with extra bass. Denim continues to be stitched with Peggy’s spirit animal, the giraffe.

Marked up in motifs and outlined in color, new bags are designed to be worn crossbody as extroverted statement pieces. Caps and floppy hats provide a finishing touch for a total look.

Look-book photography by Mok Jung Wook

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