January 2021

The Value of Quality, Attention-to-Detail & Buyer’s Peace -of-Mind in Real Estate Development

The Value of Quality, Attention-to-Detail & Buyer’s Peace

When it comes to purchasing or investing in affordable luxury property in Dubai, it is of the utmost importance that buyers take the time to research the market and put careful consideration into choosing the real estate developer they wish to do business with. The developer they choose should be able to demonstrate a proven track record of consistency in delivering the highest standard of affordable luxury properties and guaranteeing absolute attention-to-detail through every step of the development process, from minute one of the build, right through to the post-delivery plan.

Prescott Real Estate Development is a prime example of a company that has built its reputation on placing quality and attention-to-detail at the forefront of every project it develops, while simultaneously prioritising every buyer’s peace of mind through each phase of the negotiation, purchase and handover. Consequently, the Prescott team’s track record of success and longevity in the UAE market speaks for itself. In short, the Prescott has become synonymous with quality projects.

Having previously successfully delivered a host of well-known residential and business developments across the city, including Prime Villas, Prime Residency 1 and 2, and Prime Business Centre – Prescott’s current focus is on Prime Views, a contemporary residential development of one and two-bedroom apartments located in the heart of Meydan Avenue.

Muhammad Shafi, Chief Executive Officer of Prescott Real Estate Development, says, “Simply put, when purchasing property, buyers should never have to sacrifice quality for affordability, and vice versa. The Dubai property market is a highly competitive one, which is a great advantage for buyers and investors, because it means they do not have to settle for sub-standard levels of quality in order to attain affordable luxury properties.

As a buyer, it is vital that you carefully choose the developer you do business with and conduct your research into both the company you’re dealing with and the market you’re buying into. Do not just go for a convincing sales pitch or expensive marketing; go for the developer who has hands-on involvement in every aspect of the project – the one who has a portfolio of consistency and success and goes above and beyond to ensure your peace of mind at every point in the buying, handover and post-handover processes.”

He adds, “At Prescott, our team can proudly stand behind our entire portfolio of property developments, because we have consistently delivered premium luxury at reasonable prices, while always ensuring we not only meet the expectations of each buyer, but exceed them. We do so by committing to each stage of our projects, scrutinising every detail, never compromising on quality, offering buyers transparency and approachability, and always building properties that we would be proud to own ourselves.”

Located at the heart of Dubai, Prime Views gives residents a vibrant community right at their doorstep. Just a stone’s throw from the world-renowned Meydan Hotel and Racecourse, Prime Views is set against the unique backdrop of Meydan Avenue on one side and the amazing Dubai Skyline on the other. Residents can explore some of the city’s finest outdoor dining options, along with cafés, bistros, luxury retail, supermarkets, and much, much more. 

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