November 2020

Noura Al Kaabi opens the new ‘Francophone Library’ at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi

Noura Al Kaabi opens the new ‘Francophone Library’  at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, , November 26, 2020: Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi, Miniter of Culture and Youth, in the presence of Amelia Lakrafi, Deputy, member of the French Parliament inaugurated the ‘Francophone Library’ at the new headquarters of Alliance Française Abu Dhabi.

Noura Al Kaabi opens the new ‘Francophone Library’  at Alliance Française Abu Dhabi

The opening ceremony of the Francophone Library was held on 22nd November along with the presence of Sabine Ciortino, First Counselor of the French Embassy to the State, Mohamed Beldjoudi, Director of Alliance Française Abu Dhabi, Sultan Hajji, President of Alliance Française Abu Dhabi and the well-known publisher, Michael Choueiri.

Francophone Library is the new haven for French language lovers in the UAE capital which introduces a world of distinguished French literary content at the ‘TV 5 Monde’.

Guests were toured around the new campus of Alliance Française featuring a library of more than 8,000 books, an art exhibition presented by French artist, Karen Roche and Emirati artist, Nada Al Ameri in addition to the digital ‘Micro-Follie’ museum.

Recalling life in France, Karen Roche said, “This is a very nice opportunity for the members of the Francophone community! We can visit this new and beautiful place, take some books and spend time reading,”

Emirati artist, Nada Al Ameri said, “I can come to this library with my children to encourage them to read paper printed books so they can understand and feel them, so that their reading is not limited to digital books. It is very important to have the same book and provide appropriate environment that relaxes you when you read books,”

Through the first integrated Francophone library in the Emirati capital, French enthusiasts can access a wide-range of French literary content, including books, novels, comic books, and board games provided by Culture & Co.

“As we aim to nurture the French language in the country, the addition of a Francophone bookstore on the campus is a step to make the learning experience convenient and in-depth. We have recognized the presence of all Francophones in the capital and as a support, we offer the brand-new bookstore to satisfy their reading ventures and love for the French language,” said Sultan Al Hajji, President of AFAD.

The ‘TV 5 Monde’ Francophone library can be visited from Saturday to Thursday from 10 AM to 8 PM at Alliance Française.

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