October 2020

 New Dishes To Try At Punjab Grill, Abu Dhabi This Month Recipes inspired from lesser-known vegetables that are super healthy

 New Dishes To Try At Punjab Grill, Abu Dhabi This Month

Punjab Grill, Abu Dhabi, renowned for embracing the true flavors of Indian cuisine with a dramatic gastronomic experience has upgraded the menu and added a few exciting new dishes using lesser-known vegetables such as raw banana, yam, cauliflower and taro root. Overlooking the stunning Grand Canal at the Venetian Village in Ritz Carlton, Punjab Grill recently reopened its doors with a spacious outdoor terrace. Led by Executive Chef Sandeep Ail, the menu features curries, kebabs, and classic Indian desserts, all with a modern influence.

Commenting on the new dishes, Sandeep Ail said, “With the world turning slowly away from meat to vegetables, I took it up as a challenge to showcase nutritious ingredients such as raw banana, arvi [taro root] and suran [yam] in a new light, by not just improving the taste, but also the appearance.

One of the new additions in the appetizers is the Palak Patta Chaat made from crispy batter-fried spinach leaves, topped with tangy tamarind chutney and spicy mint chutney. A must try from their mains is the Raw Banana Kofta made from steamed plantain in pungent gravy with whole spices and paste of fresh, green coriander. Colacassia or Taro Root is a relatively unknown root vegetable in the western world. The Arvi Kofta created by the chef is taro root crumbed with crushed roasted vermicelli draped in a golden leaf, served with peanut and tamarind gravy. Other new dishes include the traditional Kolkata Coconut Prawns, marinated shrimps baked in the coconut shell and Chaamp Taajdar, an Indian interpretation of western Australian Lamb, marinated in spices, labneh and grilled in the tandoor. For the Indian sweet lovers, relish on the classic Gajar ka halwa or carrot halwa baked in home-made pastry dough served with vanilla ice cream.

Guests dining at Punjab Grill can choose to dine indoors or in the terrace overlooking the fabulous views of the canal.

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A division of Lite Bite Foods, Super Eats Investment operates restaurants and dining concepts in the UAE. Launched in early 2019, the company prides itself on bringing innovative food and beverage concepts to the GCC region. Headed by Kaustubh Mahajan in the UAE, Super Eats Investment manages the premium dining restaurant, Punjab Grill and two other quick service food concepts in Dubai Festival Plaza, Asia 7 and Street Food by Punjab Grill. The second Punjab Grill is due to open in the capital later this year.

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