September 2020

New AI-writer,Kundera launches in Middle East with10,000downloads in first 48 hours

New AI-writer,Kundera launches in Middle East with10,000downloads
  • KF Solutions launches Kundera, AI-assistant that is reinventing desktop research in the Middle East
  • Game-changing mobile app will help individuals and businesses to be more efficient and increase productivity
  • App is the first of its kind in the Middle East and is set to be rolled out in Arabic early 2021

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14 September 2020: Dubai-based start-up, KF Solutions, has announced the launch of Kundera, a unique mobile application developed in the United Arab Emirates that will enable individuals and businesses to research and generate articles in minutes to improve productivity and increase efficiency.

The mobile app and web platform for enterprise, was launched today (14th September) in English, with Arabic being rolled out in early 2021, and further languages being rolled out in the following months. It is set to change the way we work, study and even think as it shakes up the Middle Eastern market by providing an innovative platform that will summarise the latest thinking and enable the generation of articles with a speed of accuracy never seen before in the region.

AI solutions are virtually integrated within all industries, whether used to boost technical functioning or crunch massive data sets. With Kundera, businesses in the region can empower their workforce to be more productive by saving time and enabling faster, more accurate decision-making underpinned by insight and data.

The app is the brain-child of Kareem Farid, a former journalist and comms professional who has set up his company KF Solutions amidst the pandemic with one ambition in mind: to move the region beyond digital transformation and to address the need to provide smart solutions to help businesses run more effectively as we accelerate the pace towards becoming a digital-first nation. Kareem aims to disrupt daily life by providing the latest in AI solutions that integrate into everyday operations.

Commenting on the launch of Kundera, Kareem Farid added:

“The response so far has been phenomenal. We have had over 10,000 downloads within 48 hours, and it’s been fantastic to see the appetite. The app has been in the making since two years. It took years for research and inventing the technology and a few months to bring to a life a user friendly AI writer that fits everyone’s pocket…”

Kundera was created to help increase productivity, which has become the focal point since the start of the pandemic as businesses and governments focus on efficiency, time and cost savings. It set to empower users to focus on their creative output and save hours they would otherwise spend on mundane tasks.  

“As we shift to a post-COVID world, it is not about seeing robots and humans in silos, working separately. What is clear is that we need to utilise these technologies, and embrace a mind-set where AI is the enabler; ultimately, in doing so, our path to acceleration is absolute.” 

Kundera was set up in response to the time it takes to research information across various sectors which often sees people spending weeks on end trawling though search engines to understand the latest thinking and studies.

Kundera is now available to download on Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

About Kundera

Kundera is a unique mobile app that has been designed to support students, researchers and authors to write and generate articles using artificial intelligence. Users simply input keywords into the search engine, and a summary of the latest articles and thinking will be generated via AI, that can then be exported and digested to aid article generation with a 90% accuracy rate.

About KF Solutions

KF Solutions was born from a need to move beyond “digital transformationand address the need for smart solutions to run businesses effectively. Our mission is to disrupt daily lives and provide solutions that will integrate AI in everyday operations. Thus, ensuring our clients and users get better services in a short amount of time with higher quality.


Kareem Farid the Founder and Managing Director of KF Solutions who combines creativity, innovation and the latest technology to develop AI-based problem-solving platforms that address the need for smart solutions to run businesses efficiently.

After working in corporate environments advising governments, he began pursuing his dream of establishing an Artificial Intelligence-led Technology House. He wants to contribute to the growth of the ICT Sector in Dubai and eventually across multiple regions.

With KF Solutions, Kareem wants to incorporate his talent in entrepreneurship with his love of technology to provide solutions that focus on helping people cope with everyday stress while enjoying the benefits of the emerging technology.

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