September 2020

Savor the Craft of Arabic Production with 12 all-new Series and Movies on the OSN

Savor the Craft of Arabic Production with 12 all-new Series and Movies on the OSN

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Arabic fans can rejoice with the arrival of twelve all-new series and movies on the OSN’s streaming app. This exciting selection inclused some of the must-see Arabic, the latest Turkish and award-winning western content dubbed in Arabic to enjoy this September.

Arabic Series

1.A’adet Regala Season 3 – the first of the OSN Originals for 2020is an entertainment talk show hosted by the three male celebrity hosts; Qays Sheikh Najeeb, Khaled Selim, and Nicolas Mouawad who engage in some mischievous role-playing taking on extreme male views in an attempt to show their A-list female guests. Premiering 26th September.

2.Qatel Eve – The Emmy-winning drama series will be hitting the platform on Sunday 20th September with Lebanese Arabic dubbing. The spy thriller follows a British Intelligence investigator who is tasked with the mission of capturing a psychopathic assassin. As the chase progresses, the two develop a mutual obsession with each other as they go head to head in an epic game of cat and

3.Al Intikam – The series revolves around Vera, a young woman who takes care of her brother after the death of her parents, until that she meets a wonderful businessman, Max, who turns her life upside down. Premiering 6th September.

4.Sadikaty al Mozhila – Set in the early 1950’s amid the chaos of postwar in a poor neighborhood in Naples, Italy, the series revolves around friendship – the true, raw, and honest kind. Based on the bestselling series by Elena Ferrante, the series won the Golden Globe’s 2019 Best Breakthrough Actress award, and the Golden Nymph award in the Monte-Carlo TV Festival 2019.

5.Al Hob Al Qadeem – A romanitic series about Maxim and hs twisted love life. Airing 16th September. Available to watch in Arabic (dubbed), as well as Russain with Arabic subtitles.

6.Jannat Hali – The series presents sensitive issues that compare two generations; the open-minded 1970s’ hippy generaration that studied abroad and today’s conservative generation. Premiering 25th September.

7.Al Tufah al Haram – premiering exclusively on 22nd September, the long-awaited Turkish series which has been widely discussed in the region for the past weeks lands on OSN. The plot follows two sisters living in Istanbul where one adheres to a moral way of living and the other prioritises wealth and riches.

Arabic Movies

8.Sandouk Al Donya – A Rotana exclusive movie that follows the touching stories of people in Downtown Cairo, as they try to find balance in their lives and deal with its ups and downs. The Egyptian movie will be premiering on 18th September.

9.Lama Benetweled – A Rotana exclusive drama movie which follows three different characters – the first is a guy aspires to have a singing career, the second is a Christian woman who falls in love with a young Muslim, and the third is a man who works in the field of sports training. Premiering on 24th September.

Other movies coming to the OSN network include ‘Alay Baba’ 4th September, ‘Bany Adam’ 11th September and ‘El Feel El Azrak 2’ 25th September.

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