August 2020

Music Artist Chewii Revolutionary music artist Chewii releases her first EP ‘Black Skin Lullaby’ 

Music Artist Chewii Revolutionary music artist Chewii

“As a Black Woman, the decision to love yourself and to declare it proudly and loudly is in itself a radical act. Even if it makes others uncomfortable, I will love who I am and by doing so, I will inspire others to do the same.” says Chewii. After releasing her highly successful independent anthem “State Of The Nation” amid the Black Lives Matter protests, the Canadian-American Soul singer is finally dropping her debut EP, B​ lack Skin Lullaby​.

“When the movement sparked up, I rose with it and for three weeks I locked myself into the studio and immersed myself in the emotional grief of the moment and put all that emotion and pain into the creation of this project” explains Chewii, “I felt it was my duty as an artist, as Nina Simone once declared, to reflect the times.”

The highly anticipated debut EP “Black Skin Lullaby” allows her fierce vocals to shine throughout a powerful mix of ferocious Hip-Hop/Soul tracks, such as the honest and raw “Black Skin Lullaby” and trap-inflected number “State Of The Nation.” On the cover, three year old Chewii glares out with her beautiful big brown eyes at the world that awaits her.

“Due to being musically produced for so long and not being in control of the musical elements, once I started to produce and vocal engineer myself, I truly found my voice,” explains Chewii, who previously worked closely with Music Producer/Songwriter Govales, of how she’s evolving as a musician.

“Once I became in charge of my musical journey and direction, it was time to produce music and write songs that were made specifically for my voice.” Speaking about the visuals that will accompany the EP “I want the visuals to reflect not only the hardships black and brown people have endured for centuries but also highlight the beauty of our spirit,” says Chewii.

Chewii was born in Montreal, Canada. She was raised by a Canadian mother and an American father. Growing up, young Chewii was surrounded by a plethora of sonic stimulation as Jazz and Soul music filled her house. She was heavily influenced by Billie Holiday, Nina Simone and Lena Horne.

Chewii’s work, much like her, communicates the artist’s truth with unrestrained passion and power that is seldom seen in music today. Her rejection and opposition of the status-quo and her assertive attitude certainly stands out on her 2020 Single “State Of The Nation” – one that she produced and vocal engineered herself.

Following the public praise and recognition (including a MUCHFACT grant) of her 2017 single ‘PuNoni’ which featured a special collaboration with KAYTRANADA, Chewii is ready to take her place amongst her peers. Her music has been compared to Sade, Erykah Babu and F.K.A. Twigs.

Combining introspective enriching themes with a modern approach, Chewii is ready to take the reins and show the world how artistically multifaceted she is. Confident and meticulous in her technique, her voice is sure to resonate in a world that could always use more truth.

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