August 2020

UAE parents take a ‘new age’ approach to parenting and have higher demands than previous generations for baby skin care products

UAE parents take a ‘new age’ approach to parenting

Six out of 10 millennial parents in the UAE feel it is easier being a parent now than in previous generations

  A ‘new age’ approach to parenting is being seen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), according to a recent survey, which included proprietary research methods and analysis of 500 new parents in the UAE. The survey has revealed that new parents are increasingly less likely to listen to the advice of their own mother and father when making choices on how best to take care of their baby’s skin, and are making more considered choices than ever before, which has altered their purchasing decisions.

The survey, conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Middle East, showed that the three most important factors for new parents in the UAE when making decisions on products for their baby’s skincare are now; products that contain natural ingredients, have been scientifically tested and proven, and are recommended by a healthcare professional. In addition, six out of 10 parents surveyed also said they felt it was easier being a parent now than in their parents’ or grandparents’ generation and around 86% of UAE parents said they specifically looked for gentle or natural products while selecting baby skin care products, as compared to their parents’ or grandparents’ time.

“Parenting needs in the UAE have changed. We are seeing a significant generational shift in attitudes with parents saying that they value a number of important factors including clinically proven and natural when it comes to buying baby skincare products,” said Dr Sridhar Kalyanasundaram, Consultant Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Head of Department, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai.

“A baby’s skin is three times thinner than adult skin, and loses moisture up to twice as fast so it is important we start caring for our children’s skin right from birth, using products specifically designed for babies. Properly establishing a healthy skin microbiome helps protect infants from harmful microbes like staphylococcus that could complicate and aggravate conditions like atopic eczema.”

Of the parents surveyed, South Asian parents living in the UAE were most particular about using baby skincare products that had natural ingredients (76%), and nine out of 10 South Asian mothers living in the UAE said they would prioritise natural and gentle products over price.

Alice Delaunay, Principal Scientist Baby Care, Johnson & Johnson, said: “While knowledge and experience of baby skin care and products has traditionally been passed down through the generations based on family customs and beliefs, this new survey has shown that both mothers and fathers are making choices that are much more informed. The attitudes to baby care are changing, with more and more emphasis being placed by today’s parents on truly understanding the impact that baby skincare products have. Over 90% of the ingredients in our washes, lotions and shampoos are of natural origin, derived to meet and surpass the high expectations of today’s parents.”

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