July 2020

Gifting this ‘Eid is extra special with Emirates Pride

Gifting this ‘Eid is extra special with Emirates Pride

As one of the most eagerly awaited time of the year nears, the pressure for searching and buying the perfect gift for our loved ones also continues to build up.

This Eid we will no longer gift our loved ones with our fingers crossed hoping that they will love and appreciate what we got them. Emirates Pride got you covered with an array of fragrances that will satisfy every taste to make gifting as painless than ever before.

At Emirates Pride we believe that gifting should be a memorable experience. An experience that carries with it happy memories for many years to come. And it’s for this simple reason that Emirates Pride has carefully and thoughtfully curated amazing collection that is guaranteed to leave a lasting and meaningful impression.

This Eid, Emirates Pride has a unique gift presented in the “Rehat Eid collection”. This collection has taken its inspiration from the feelings of cheerfulness and joyfulness, the elements which make Eid more special and memorable.

The collection includes three unique perfumes:

Arabica: it is inspired by the Emirati tradition of serving “Gahwa”. It gives you sparkle with it roasted coffee aroma to make an edgy statement this Eid.

Hidden Leather: A leather base perfume that will take you to that new world of self-confidence and warm feeling of this cozy atmosphere. It mainly revolves around freshness, flowers, leather-based.

Fire wood: Burning Oud is seen across the main cultures of Arab people. It is a common practice among both men and women which is why we have created this perfume for both genders. Its composition revolves around the burning Bakhoor to spread the rich aroma into their houses which resemble the surrounding.

These three gems from the Rehat Eid collection is everything you need to transform this Eid into an extra special one.

Arabica retail price: 465 AED

Hidden Leather retail price: 465 AED

Fire wood retail price: 465 AED

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