July 2020

Malta Opens its Borders for Travelers Arriving from the UAE Malta’s new published list includes UAE among other safe countries.

Malta Opens its Borders for Travelers Arriving from the UAE

Malta, the beautiful Mediterranean island archipelago has now re-opened its borders for visitors of selected countries. Malta International Airport officially re-opened for commercial flights in the beginning of July to a select list of countries that are considered safe, which states that passengers coming from those countries can enter Malta without quarantine or any special permits.

The list of safe-corridor countries was further extended on July 15th, and the UAE has been included in the list alongside other safe countries like Japan, Netherlands, Germany, and South Korea, as well as other MENA countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, and Tunisia.

With the annulment of travel restrictions, Malta is back as a prime destination for Middle Eastern tourists with its fair weather, crystalline beaches, and Mediterranean flair.

Families of the region can escape the summer heat and the post-lockdown anxiety to enjoy sightseeing in one of Europe’s most intriguing islands. The Maltese islands are home to beautiful beaches, diverse archaeological sites, world-famous diving spots, one-of-a-kind natural phenomena, delicious food, and much more.

Additionally, several events are scheduled throughout the coming months for visiting enthusiasts like, the Mdina Grand Prix for classic cars, the Rolex Middle Sea Race organized by Royal Malta Yacht Club, and XTERRA Gozo Trail Run.

At long last, the Maltese Islands are again ready to welcome their beloved visitors. With all the bottled-up stress from the recent months, there is no better place to unwind this summer.

For information about the precautions taken by the Maltese authorities to ensure the safety of tourists visit: https://www.visitmalta.com/en/file.aspx?f=34296

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About Malta Tourism Authority:

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) was formally set up by the Malta Travel and Tourism Service Act (1999).  This clearly defines its role – extending it beyond that of international marketing to include a domestic, motivating, directional, co-ordinating and regulatory role. The Act strengthens the public and private partnership in tourism through greater and more direct participation by the private sector in national planning and development of the industry.

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has a diverse role, but one which in essence is all about creating and fostering relationships. The MTA is the tourism industry’s regulator and motivator, its business partner, the country’s brand promoter, and is here to form, maintain and manage meaningful partnerships with all tourism stakeholders. Primarily, this means attracting visitors to the Islands, but also working closely alongside the private sector partners. Importantly, the MTA is also here to help strengthen the industry’s human resources, ensure the highest standards and quality of the Islands’ tourism product, and foster relations with local and international media.

To find out more about Malta Tourism Authority: https://www.mta.com.mt/en/home

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