July 2020

Gourmet Goodness Right At Your Doorstep By Fresh Express

Gourmet Goodness Right At Your Doorstep By Fresh Express

Fresh Express Online now has home delivery services of high-quality food and beverages in the UAE

 If you believe sushi and seafood platters are best enjoyed at fancy restaurants, think again.  Or even finding high quality ingredients that amps up the flavour of your favourite dishes. Don’t you wish you could easily have these items fresh, in the comfort of your own home? A popular distributor for premium food and beverages in the region, Fresh Express launches their quick and efficient online platform, so you don’t have to squirm around looking for ingredients to cook up your next favourite meal. Or for that matter, even ready meals to escape the hassle of cooking, they bring them straight to your dinner table!

As the name suggests, Fresh Express Online specializes to offer a wide array of fresh and premium gourmet food and non-alcoholic beverages, right to your doorstep.  Fresh Express, a renowned gourmet food provider, supplies some of the world’s finest, rare and high-quality ingredients and beverages, across fine-dining restaurants and bars around the town – you name any upscale venues or lounge and they’re present.   This time, they’re coming straight to your home. At Fresh Express Online, one can find a diverse selection of fruit, vegetables, meat and baked goods – including premium offerings of caviar, truffle oil, heritage items, pantry essentials, and ready-to-cook meals and platters, at the palm of your hand.

Wild, farmed, organic, live, premium delicacy, gourmet niche, fresh or frozen, whatever defines a great culinary experience, one can be sure to find it on Fresh Express Online. Fresh Express carefully sources some of their most exclusive products around the world by handpicking quality suppliers and working from a grassroot level- connecting with organic providers and farmers to produce  top quality fruits and vegetables or animal produce, making them a trusted provider for all things food.

Fresh Express Online is your new food companion, making your cooking journey more enjoyable and easier, one step at a time. Whether it’s stirring up a hearty bowl of pasta after a long day at work, a relaxing dinner for two with some sushi goodness, or even a steak night with the family, Fresh Express Online has got you covered.  The brand holds rare, premium & unique brands such as Giuseppe Giusti an aged balsamic vinegar, Lorenzo a delicate olive oil from Italy, Kaviari one of the finest caviar in the world, or even Voss water.  Watch out for its extensive catalog and offerings, easy-to-navigate user interface and prompt delivery. Fresh Express Online aims to provide an ultimate experience of utmost comfort and luxury dinning like never before through their various offerings.

Holding more than 400 food and beverage brands and almost 6,000 fresh products, Fresh Express brings to the UAE world recognized brands and provide businesses and diverse customers the opportunity to find the familiar brands they are loyal to back home.

Get tapping and choose your selection of sushi or seafood platter perfect for every occasion. Head to their website to get tips and ideas on what to cook using the products you’ve just bought!

For more information you may visit:  https://www.freshexpressonline.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Freshexpressonline

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fresh_express_online/

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