July 2020

CYBEX e-PRIAM: e-step apart, e-step ahead  Pioneering High-Tech Innovation in UAE:

CYBEX e-PRIAM: e-step apart, e-step ahead 

 Alongside its first e-stroller, CYBEX unveils charismatic and top performance baby gear for contemporary Middle East lifestyle

Abu Dhabi, 14th July 2020: CYBEX has launched its new e-PRIAM, which features ground-breaking technologies and innovative designs. The new contemporary stroller is targeted towards style-conscious Middle East consumers, with a clear focus on Millennials e-generation. Active parents in the region are entering smart parenting with products whose core purpose is to offer technology attributes that reflect their contemporary lifestyle without compromising functionality. The advanced e-PRIAM stroller developed by CYBEX answers their expectations with substance.

PRIAM travel philosophy: The e-PRIAM utilizes smart technology to easily adapt to gliding up and down slopes and to rough surfaces like sand, gravel or cobblestones – ideal for all manner of terrains. The advanced e-PRIAM electronic stroller has smooth visual aesthetics and is tailor-made to cope with the challenges of parental active life, the smart technology ensures that baby travels in style while making every ride that much safer, with parents keeping their energy and enjoying travelling comfort. Combining the luxurious aspects of its seat unit and chassis with the convenience of the electric motor ranks e-PRIAM as a world class piece of parenting equipment perfectly suiting today’s urban lifestyle.

As the first CYBEX e-stroller, e-Priam encapsulates all of the brand philosophy to create charismatic and contemporary lifestyle products that prioritise functionality. Technical innovations guarantee the highest safety standards and intuitive handling. E-Priam reflects and reinforces CYBEX’s positioning as both a leader in child safety and an innovative lifestyle and fashion brand for parents. With e-Priam CYBEX brought innovative and intelligent technology to the stroller market and create a flagship model that presents itself as an iconic access code to explore the  brand.”

Engineering drives best-in-class quality and meets the highest of parenting demands: CYBEX is recognized as a leader in car seat technology offering a full line of child seats including its Z-LINE products and its  flagship model, the e-Priam. German Engineered CYBEX products provide strollers with clear competitive attributes. The electric motor and sensors are discretely incorporated in the PRIAM frame and all technical elements are fully integrated.

Design, Safety, Functionality are CYBEX DNA. A fine-tuned combination of unique design, maximum safety, and intelligent functionality. This is illustrated by CYBEX’s Platinum line rated first in many respects especially in regard to safety grades and user-friendly handling. CYBEX sets new standards in child safety and presents a track record of approximately 400 awards that highlight achievements and proven technical records in product development. Recently the child car seats of the Z-LINE has been awarded with the best grade from both the Stiftung Warentest, the most important consumer test institute in Germany and ADAC for the Best in Class Car Seats with exclusive first-ever side impact certification and energy- absorbing shell. CYBEX strollers are produced by most modern manufacturing technologies and certified assurance. Quality engineers monitor and check production to last details and every single material being used has passed extensive test procedures.

High-end style and performance: Personalization is now the norm for exclusive brands, CYBEX’s collections deploy the concept with subtlety. Taking a flower in full bloom as a symbol of feminine strength, the SPRING BLOSSOM collection illustrates this approach with unparalleled touch of sophistication and elegance. The CYBEX for Scuderia Ferrari Collection is a testament to the Italian brand legacy capturing its rich heritage of excellence, uniqueness, and high performance, all are common values shared by CYBEX and reflected through its model line-up. As CYBEX stands for, modern parents are inspired by a genuine passion for excellence and exclusivity.

e-Priam technical specifications:

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Established in 2005, the German company CYBEX is globally recognized for the iconic design, innovative technology, easy functionality, and superior safety features on all its products for stylish adults embarking on parenthood.

In early 2014, CYBEX joined Goodbaby International Holding Limited. The group is one of the world’s leading enterprises for the development and production of child and teen goods.

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