July 2020

Major Shift in Attitudes to Parenting Seen in the UAE and KSA Survey from Johnson & Johnson Middle East reveals Generational Change in Approach to Ensuring Healthy Baby Skin Care

Major Shift in Attitudes to Parenting Seen in the UAE and KSA

 A major shift in overall attitudes and a ‘new age’ approach to parenting is being seen in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), according to a survey launched by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Middle East.

The survey has highlighted how parents are taking a more considered and scientific approach to the health of their baby’s skin, with a significant ‘generational shift’ in attitude seen in the UAE and KSA. Over half of the panelists said they felt it was easier being a parent now than in their parents’ or grandparents’ generation and almost all of those surveyed felt it was more important to use gentle or natural products compared to their parents’ or grandparents’ time.

Nearly 70% of new parent’s surveyed state that scientifically tested and proven products are one of the three most important factors to them when buying baby skincare products. Additionally, over two-thirds of parents (67.4%) state that it is essential for them that their baby skincare products use natural, scientifically tested ingredients.

While knowledge and experience of baby skin care and products has traditionally been passed down through the generations based on family customs and beliefs, the new survey has shown that both mothers and fathers are making choices that are much more informed. The survey, conducted by Johnson & Johnson Middle East FZ-LLC, which included proprietary research methods and survey analysis of 1,000 new parents in the UAE and KSA, has revealed that:

  • Over a third of parents state that a brand that undertakes scientific research on what’s best for newborn babies is the most important factor in trusting a brand
  • 9 out of 10 parents believe it is more important to this generation of parents to use gentle and natural products on their children than previous generations
  • Of the parents surveyed, Saudi nationals and Indian parents living in the region were most particular about using baby skincare products that had natural ingredients

“The results of this new survey are really interesting because they reveal the changing attitudes to baby skin care, and highlight that parents are recognising how important it is to appropriately and effectively care for a baby’s skin,” said Dr Sridhar Kalyanasundaram, Consultant Neonatologist and Paediatrician, Head of Department, Zulekha Hospital, Dubai.

“Skin is an amazing organ, and so vital to us throughout our life. A baby’s skin is three times thinner than adult skin, and loses moisture up to twice as fast so it is important we start caring for our children’s skin right from birth, using products specifically designed for babies. Properly establishing a healthy skin microbiome helps protect infants from harmful microbes like staphylococcus that could complicate and aggravate conditions like atopic eczema. To prevent such conditions, it’s important to cleanse and moisturise with proven, mild and gentle products.”

This new focus on the importance of the health of baby’s skin is led by recent studies conducted by Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health Middle East that show nurturing an infant’s skin microbiome can help ensure optimal future skin immunity and health1,2.

The survey also shows how today’s parents have different wants and needs from the products they use for their babies, including the need for a deeper understanding of the ingredients used. Three quarters of those surveyed said they always read the ingredients list before buying a new baby skincare product, with natural ingredients being the most popular reason (87%) parents look for on the label of baby skincare products.

Alice Delaunay, Principal Scientist Baby Care, Johnson & Johnson said: “Attitudes to baby care are changing, with more and more emphasis being placed by today’s parents on truly understanding the impact that baby skincare products have. JOHNSON’S® Baby is one of the most scientifically studied baby care ranges in the world, and over the past years we have conducted extensive safety and quality testing of every single product we make. This has included implementation of the most robust and comprehensive study of baby skincare products in consumer history. Our new range is ideal for baby’s delicate skin, and offers simpler, gentler products, using natural ingredients that serve a purpose, with over 90% of the ingredients in our washes, lotions and shampoos being of natural origin, derived to meet and surpass the high expectations of today’s parents.”

JOHNSON’S® Baby has dedicated itself to advancing the health and wellbeing of children around the world by pioneering global research to further understand the unique needs of baby’s eyes, skin and hair. The brand has conducted 90% of all industry-led research focused on understanding health baby skin, has made seven skin discoveries in the last 15 years, and published more research on babies’ skin than any other global skin care company over the last five years.

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