July 2020

Galaxy S20 series’ keyboard features How the Galaxy S20 series’ keyboard features are driving seamless user experiences

Galaxy S20 series’ keyboard features

The Samsung Galaxy S20 series has been a revelation since its introduction to the smartphone industry earlier this year, broadening consumers’ horizons and elevating their experiences in equal measure. Amongst the significant contributing factors to the individual and collective success of the S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra is the range of enhanced features that have been placed in Samsung enthusiasts’ hands. The reputation of these next-generation devices is continuously being propelled to newfound heights to combine style and sophistication, boost user capabilities, and offer more convenience than ever before. Various aspects have been singled out for high praise, including the new keyboard features, which have succeeded in bringing new meaning to the seamless mobile experience.

During the Galaxy S20 series production process, every detail was considered and explored to present customers with an innovative new feature that drives natural yet dynamic interaction. This is precisely why One UI 2’s motion and interaction design have been incorporated with each device. After all, Samsung created the UI for instant screen transitions, which has resulted in a UI capable of delivering instinctual, coherent, and energetic actions. From repositioning app icons on the Home Screen to answering incoming video calls, the S20 series’ interaction capabilities effortlessly complement the way each device functions.

Seamless and consistent action to touch inputs is ever-present, driving instant interface responses. A prime example is launching an app from the Home Screen – once the icon is pressed, it immediately expands and takes users to the required page through a natural motion not possible on devices in past years. The S20 series responds to user control and direction right there and then, with a clear understanding that allows for reliable and satisfying feedback. Notifications and alerts are streamlined to boost smartphone interaction experiences, with crisp layouts and authentic animations providing information in a lively and straightforward manner.

What’s more, scrolling, zooming, and exploring are more natural and enjoyable than ever. A display’s ‘refresh rate’ refers to the number of times a monitor loads new information by the second and is fundamental to the keyboard being productive and proactive. The S20 series features a display with a 120Hz refresh rate, which ensures experiences are smooth, engaging, and responsive at all times. Whether browsing on the web, switching between apps, or playing a game, the keyboard empowers users to benefit from higher speed and convenience.

And going into even greater detail about the keyboard features, tactile satisfaction is another thing afforded to users through Samsung’s passion for innovating. A smartphone’s haptic feedback is the gratifying kinesthetic communication transmitted from a device during interaction – often via vibration. The Galaxy S20 series’ haptic feedback was the subject of a review before release, to make improvements that would offer something new and different for consumers.

In fact, providing a fulfilling sensation and applying haptic feedback to relevant features and actions was a priority and one that has been addressed to perfection. When searching for contacts, a vertical index is accessible on the right side of the screen. While scrolling through, users get enhanced haptic feedback that signifies which letters they are moving between when searching for the desired category – offering precision when looking people up.

Furthermore, the keyboard has also undergone noticeable improvements in haptic feedback. When messaging, more accurate feedback facilitates an enhanced overall experience, with distinct vibrations for an array of keys, significant differences when holding down certain buttons, and concise sensations while moving the cursor all valuable additions to the Galaxy S20 series.

The Galaxy S20 series represents a new chapter in smartphone innovation, with a multitude of features that have elevated user experiences to newfound heights. This includes new and unique keyboard features, all of which have brought new meaning to ease and convenience for users.

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