January 18, 2022

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Langpros leads the way with Remote Interpreting technology for Business Webinars and Online Events

  • Cutting-edge technology deployed by Langpros enables remote simultaneous interpretation for small and large scale events;
  • Integrated with all communication platforms and web conferencing apps, the service is available in over 100 different languages;

  Langpros, a Dubai-based translation company is providing a Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) solution based on a revolutionary technology powered by a cloud-based platform. Keeping up to the current trends of increased virtual communication, it provides quality multilingual content while adapting to the virtual interface. Real time human interpreting is integrated with all communication platforms and web conferencing apps, available in over 100 different languages.

RSI can be used at multilingual conferences and web meetings of any size, ranging from small workshops to large international conferences. It allows professional human simultaneous interpreters to work remotely providing live translation for participants in events taking place in a different location or online. It is flexible, integrated and easy to use.

RSI does not require any additional equipment. It works smoothly on any computer or device with an internet connection. With this technology, RSI bridges the gap if the crowd does not speak or understand the same language. It allows social distancing, implementation of safety measures and reduces the total cost of interpretation for an event by up to 50%.


Langpros recently successfully implemented remote simultaneous interpretation of several online workshops with HSA Group, a major KSA based multinational corporation involved in commerce, manufacturing and services.

UAE’s leading translation company delivered online and interactive training sessions in Arabic and English for marketing departments located in Egypt, UAE, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Yemen. Two senior interpreters worked remotely from the convenience of their workspace in the UAE and delivered simultaneous interpreting on two separate audio channels (Arabic and English) for over 6 hours a day using RSI technology. Both the interpreters and the participants were assisted by Langpros’ online technicians and project managers during the whole project ensuring the best possible user experience

Mr. Matteo Ippoliti, Founder and CEO, Langpros said, We were always actively committed to assisting individuals, organizations, and businesses by introducing innovative ways to provide a wide range of language services aimed at helping and supporting the community. RSI technology allows us to service any multi-language event, thanks to its integration with all web conferencing apps and online meeting platforms. It also works on-site while providing remote support for interpreters”

Langpros is certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign Affairs and translators are authorized by the Ministries to deliver certified legal translations in all the world’s major languages.

About Langpros: Langpros is a Dubai-based translation company with partners and collaborators in all corners of the world. A decentralized team comprises translators, project managers, copywriters, interpreters, DTP experts and vendor managers are located in different countries in order to take advantage of time zone differences and successfully manage projects 24/7.