June 2020

The UAE’s First Online Store Dedicated to All Things Henna Introducing Dubai Henna

The UAE’s First Online Store Dedicated to All Things Henna

Henna is a beauty ritual that has been practiced in the region for over 9,000 years. Dubai Henna is modernizing this ritual and making it accessible for all by curating a platform dedicated to everything henna from accessories, DIY stencils to organic and unique henna products. The homegrown brand is also the first to provide organic henna products and intricate designs that use 100% safe and accredited ingredients in the region.

Born in Dubai, Dubai Henna was created by Safa Munafer, popularly known as Sara, the first-ever Internationally Certified henna artist in the Middle East. She had the vision to serve the artistic community with innovative body art products while globally supporting the henna community.

Though there are many reservations about the dangers of chemicalized henna, Dubai Henna specializes in using products that are only officially lab tested and certified by Dubai Municipality. They offer 100% Organic Henna, DIY Henna stencils/accessories, and are also known to be the only supplier of premium waterproof White Henna and Organic Jagua (Black) Henna in the Middle East.

The Organic Henna has a creamy and smooth henna paste texture made of ultra-sifted supreme quality organic body art henna powder, 100% pure USDA certified eucalyptus essential oil, water, tea, and sugar. It gives the best dark and durable stain result in 36-48 hours and has a unique aromatic smell to provide a relaxing experience when applying it.

Another unique product is the Organic Jagua Henna, a natural alternative to the popularly known black henna. The organic Jagua Henna stains black and is made of organic Genipa Americana fruit juice, supreme quality body art henna powder, 100% Pure USDA certified Lavandula angustifolia oil, Non-GMO Xanthan gum, and Potassium Sorbate. This type of henna helps achieve a realistic tattoo look with 100% natural ingredients.

Dubai Henna is also the only approved supplier of White Henna in the UAE. The premium waterproof white henna gives a long-lasting 3D effect that is commonly used by Hollywood make-up artists. Its ingredients include Aqua, Acrylate Copolymer, Glyceryl, Guar gum, Sorbitol, Titanium Dioxide, and Benzyl alcohol.

With authentic products and attractive luxury packaging, Dubai Henna has brought a different perspective to the henna community and has gained numerous positive reviews from its customers worldwide.

About Dubai Henna

Dubai Henna was founded in 2016 by Safa Munafer, the first-ever Internationally Certified henna artist in the Middle East. It is a one-stop shop for all authentic henna requirements that supplies products worldwide while giving back to the henna community at the same time. First of its kind in the UAE, Dubai Henna takes henna art to a whole new trend and provides customers with different intricate designs. They are the only brand to offer 100% Organic Henna, Organic Jagua Henna (black), White Hennaand other DIY henna stencils and accessories. In addition to this, customers can also book for Henna services through the platform.

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