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June 2020

World’s Renowned Robotic Surgeon Forge Partnership with INDEX and Talks About Men’s Health and the Early Detection of Cancer

World’s Renowned Robotic Surgeon Forge Partnership with INDEX

Dubai-United Arab Emirates, June 23rd 2020: INDEX Media, a member of INDEX Holding, hosted an exclusive live session with the world-renowned Dr. David Samadi, Urologic Oncology Expert and Robotic Surgeon, Director of Men’s Health and Urologic Oncology at St. Francis Hospital in Roslyn, New York, who has performed over 8,000 robotic prostate surgery and as a pioneer in this field, he revealed the latest updates on vital medical and health topics, including men’s health in the Middle East and the importance of increasing medical awareness and regular health checks, besides pandemic impact, and robotic surgery as an effective method in comparison to regular operations.

Dr. Samadi expressed his gratitude to INDEX Media for hosting him, emphasizing on the continuity of a long collaboration in conducting more fruitful live interviews and seminars. While he praised the cross-collaboration with INDEX Medical Center as an opportunity for exchanging experiences and knowledge in medical and healthcare sectors, especially during the current situation. Also, he announced free medial consultations through IMC social media platforms as a result of this collaboration.

Dr. Samadi applauded the wise leadership in UAE in attracting successful investments, especially in health and educational sectors, which led to have a large number of multi-nationals working together with the locals within one society in peace and tolerance among all religions, offering well-being opportunities.

Dr. Samadi praised the high quality services and development UAE have reached, which he witnessed during his last visit to the beautiful Dubai, as he is thinking to choose Dubai as a favorite place to establish a branch for his medical center in collaboration with IMC, which will provide the best medical services in the world, and to be a reference to the latest updates in medical researches, as Dubai being the best city to link medical services between USA, Arab world, and MENA region.

Moreover, Dr. Samadi highlighted on the robotic surgery evolvement as a huge advancement in surgery comparing to operations 20 years ago. Robotic surgery is an effective method that gained people’s trust over the years and now many patients in the Middle East are choosing it over conventional surgeries.

Discussing men’s health topic, he stressed that men should change the mentality into maintaining healthy lifestyle and do regular check-ups, and he stated “The more you invest in your health, in your 30s, 40s, and 50s, the more you are going to get the return on your investment”.

Also Dr. Samadi pointed to the fact that covid-19 is mainly impacting patients who suffer from health diseases like diabetes and obesity, also he noted that cancer screening had gone down by 90% during the past few months, and he anticipated that after 6 months from now, we are going to see more advanced cancers. Dr. Samadi also recommended PSA tests for men by specialized doctors describing prostate cancer as a “silent killer”.

Dr. Samadi highlighted on the medical and technological change the world is having to adapt to the current situation through online Doctors, Telehelp/ Telemedicine, and video conferences that allowed doctors and Patients to communicate efficiently and get consultation without the need for physical visits.

From his side, Dr. Abdul Salam Al Madani, Chairman of INDEX Holding, said: “we are delighted to collaborate with Dr. David Samadi as one of the best surgeons in the world, who was chosen among the top 10 surgeons in USA. Through this collaboration, we hope to pave the way to exchange experiences and enrich knowledge in medical and health sectors, in addition to introduce Dr. Samadi in the UAE and share his vast experiences in robotic surgery, men’s health, and the early detection of cancer”.

He added: “Our collaboration also includes hosting Dr. Samadi as a visiting doctor in INDEX Medical Center, a member of INDEX Holding, and offering his medical consultations through IMC social media platforms. We aim to encourage knowledge exchange and tele medicine services throughout more interviews and seminars on INDEX Media platforms. We thank Dr. Samadi warmly for his trust and cooperation, as we wish him well in his future endeavors”.

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